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    What if Facebook Isn't Right for Your Company?

    Posted by Jennifer Kardell

    Social Media Isn't One Size Fits All

    When you hear someone talking about social media your first thought is more than likely, FacebookFacebook is one of the most used platforms of social media. Naturally, you would think that your business NEEDS to have a Facebook page, because that is where a majority of the people are. WRONG! Facebook may not necessarily be the right path for you. 

    Everyone Else Is Doing It

    You hear this phrase quite frequently, "Well so-and-so is doing this" and a typical response to that is "If so-and-so jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?" Well, no you wouldn't. Just because it seems like everyone else is on Facebook, doesn't mean you need to be. According to Forbes, Facebook is no longer catering to teens and no longer protects them from potentially poor choices with its new privacy changes. If this is something that is important to you, then Facebook isn't your best choice. Just because it works for one business, does not mean that it will work for you. You have to 1. Do what is right for you and 2. Cater to your users. 


    Go Where Your Audience Is

    Just because Facebook is one of the most used social media sites doesn't necessarily mean that it is where most of your audience is. For example, if you are set out to buy a cd from your favorite artist or band, you will go to a store that sells music. The same goes for the type of social media. If you're audience is the Generation X type where they like something easy to use, but can be very engaged, then Facebook is for you. If your audience wants a message that is quick and to the point, then Twitter would be your best route. Once you determine your audience, what they want and where to find them, determine your objective and the best social media platform to communicate that objective


    Define Your Social Media Objective

    If you are wanting to improve your SEO, then Google+ or YouTube would be your best choice. If you want to drive traffic to your site, or improve your customer engagement then Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will be your best bet. All of this is according to Social Media Today.


    Get Your Social Media Game Face On

    Now you're at a point where you know where your target audience is spending most of their social media time, and you have determined your company's objective to achieve from the chosen platform. Utilize it! Don't let your social media go to waste. Just because you have an appearance online doesn't mean it's good enough. Facebook wasn't the best fit for your company because you wanted to improve SEO, so you chose YouTube instead and that's great! However, if you don't use it, it won't benefit you or your SEO. All the hard work that you've put in thus far would go to waste. 


    Keep Your Options Open

    Just because Facebook is not the best fit for you right now doesn't mean it won't work for you later. If you are a start-up company trying to boost your SEO, use a platform that will do just that until you are ready for more user engagement. Then you can incorporate a site like Facebook or Twitter. Besides, who's not to say that in the coming years a new social media site will emerge that will be the best option for you then?

    Social media is always evolving and changing to appeal to the masses. Each platform, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, WHOEVER, makes changes within their own platforms to try and compete. Choose the platform that is best for you and your company; don't make the decision based on what’s most popular.

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