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    The Top 10 Blogs of 2013: a Look at our Inbound Marketing Metrics

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Proven Content Marketing Tactics

    It's been an outstanding year for the IMA blog. We've moved into a system of collaborating better, and began requiring all employees to write at least one blog a week. Turns out, this approach really works - Inbound Marketing Agents was honored at Inbound13 as the most prolific blogging HubSpot partner. We've learned quite a few lessons along the way, and look forward to many more in the next 12 months.

    To help you reach new heights, we're giving an exclusive sneak-peek into our top 10 best-performing blogs of last year, as well as little analysis on why we might have done so well. To be clear, this view only includes pageviews, not social shares and inbound links and therefore isn't a completely comprehensive look at our analytics. Finally, if you're using your own blogging metrics to gain actionable intelligence, a more in-depth analysis is probably necessary. But here we go:

    1. 8 Long-Dead Facebook Features You Forgot How Much You Miss

    Every so often, a content marketer’s stars will align just right, and poof - they’ve got a viral article on their hands. It doesn’t happen often, and. This blog is unquestionably IMA’s MVP for 2013, outperforming our average read by several thousand percent. And really, why not? It’s relevant to the 1 in 6 humans who have a Facebook account, and have seen the social media network undergo changes.

    2. The 13 Sneakiest LinkedIn SEO Tips to Boost Your Profile’s Views

    Have you started to notice a theme among IMA’s highest-performing content assets? Our audience tends to prefer blogs on social media, and this intermediate-level tutorial was exactly the right ticket.

    3. 7 Marketing Skills You Need in 2013 and Beyond

    While this blog was published in December 2012, it was steadily shared on social media and performed extremely well throughout the year. It's a true example of evergreen content, and we plan to release an updated and expanded list in 2014.

    4. 40 Ideas for Engaging Social Media Content You Should Be Posting

    Seems we may have hit a nerve on this one. It's no secret that it can be challenging to continually come up with ideas for engaging and interesting social media content, and we're glad this blog was viewed as a helpful resource.

    5. Trapped in an Elevator – 3 Unexpected Things I Learned at #Inbound13

    Drama? Hashtags in the title for super-easy social searching? This blog (based on an actual real-life event where IMA's account manager Richard Foshee really did get stuck in an elevator at HubSpot's annual conference) is newsjacking at its finest. Much of its popularity can be attributed to the fact that the #Inbound13 hashtag trended on Twitter for over a week.

    6. 55 Shareable Stats on Content Marketing Trends and Tactics

    We've written quite a few Tweetable stats posts during the history of our blog, but this one performed the best. The more value you can provide to your readers (55 as opposed to 25 stats), the better.

    7. The 6 Most Irritating Ways to Use Hashtags on Twitter

    This blog delivers what it promised - examples of brands who committed hashtag gaffes so serious it literally made news headlines. Who doesn't love gossip with real-life lessons attached?

    8. You Can't Eat a Facebook "Like"

    Talk about evergreen content! Originally published in April 2012, this is one of IMA’s best-performing blogs of all time. We'll blame it on the fact that its title contains a magical mix of social media and strangeness.

    9. How Much Do Marketing Agencies Cost?

    Here is some evidence that answering your prospect's frequently-asked questions is an outstanding way to provide value and get organic search traffic in one easy swoop.

    10. 7 “Boring” B2B Brands With Amazing Facebook Content

    One simple way to drastically improve the quality of your content is with real-life examples. Many of us learn best with visual content and tips gleaned from brands who are already successfully applying inbound marketing best practices.

    What content marketing lessons did you learn in 2013?

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