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    4 Amazing Online Resources for Becoming a Better Content Creator

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Want to Step Up Your Content Creation Game?

    In the world of marketing, the creation of relatable and engaging content is one of the most valuable weapons you can have in your arsenal. Unfortunately, creating good content is not always an easy process for marketers. Too much of our writing can come across as product or sales centered, both angles which can leave your customer or potential customer feeling alienated and not at all invested in your product or brand.

    The skill-set of a successful content creator includes strong writing and storytelling skills, as well as good researching skills, excellent grammar and a mind for creativity. These skills, all things which contribute to higher quality, more effective content creation, can prove difficult for many marketers, especially those who don’t consider themselves strong writers. For those of you among that camp, take a look at our list of online resources for becoming a better content creator.

    Hubspot Blog

    Hubspot is a marketing bonanza, and their blog offers advice on everything from driving traffic to your website to increasing your Twitter presence and producing better eBooks. While all of the advice is quality, engaging and useful, marketers who are struggling with the creation of good online content will find Hubspot’s content creation blogs to be especially useful.

    This blog from October outlines a three-minute video from Fast Company that helps writers with the creative process. Other blogs, such as this one from September, offer content creation lessons from some of history’s greatest innovators.

    Hubspot’s blog is a tool you must have available if you aspire to create relevant, intriguing and engaging content that will appeal to your audience and inspire brand loyalty. Make sure to scroll through their entire list of content-creation-related blogs; you’ll likely find tons of relevant advice.


    Mashable is another invaluable online source for those of you struggling with content creation strategies. From blogs that offer advice on creating magnetic content to articles that help writers battle the terrifying phenomenon known as “Writer’s Block,” Mashable’s content is witty, easy to read and informative, making it the go-to for the new content creator who wants instruction but doesn’t want to feel preached to.


    Inc.com is a sea of useful statistics and studies, engaging and informing readers with tons of information, all of which can be used to better your marketing attitudes and practices and improve your knowledge of content creation. Many of Inc.com’s blogs deal with creating content for the 21st century audience, appealing to them through the avenues they are familiar with and understand. Bringing  marketers into modern times and helping them adopt marketing and content creation practices that reflect that modernity is huge part of Inc.com’s benefits.

    From targeting your audience to avoiding some of the antiquated procedures involved with old-fashioned marketing, you’ll get a good dose of advice in language that is fresh and succinct.

    Advice to Writers

    Many content creators forget the importance of crafting a good story. You aren’t just selling a product or service or representing a company or brand.  You have a much heftier task at hand: the task of engaging the customer on a personal level.

    Advice to Writers is a wonderful website full of inspirational quotes from literary greats on how to stay focused, continue producing and get out of a writerly funk. Fiction and non-fiction writers, as well as marketers and technical writers, all need a little pick-me-up every now and then, and reading the words of literary greats, all of whom have sat at their desks or typewriters in the wee hours, unable to write another word, can be amazing inspiration to keep going, find more inspiration and produce something truly great.

    Telling a good story, one which has shade, syntax, and tension, is the first step to creating a brand worthy of loyalty and gaining followers who identify with your brand in a personal way; developing writing skills that go beyond persuasion, product description and a pitch to buy is vital to being able to tell a good story. Once you understand the importance of creativity and true writing skills in your content creation, you’ll be well on your way to producing more effective, engaging and relevant content for your audience and your industry.


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