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    11 Things this Inbound Marketer Wants from Santa

    Posted by Rachel Chapdelaine

    Items Inbound Marketers' Drool Over

    Nashville Santa stopped by our office Christmas party on Wednesday!

    With Christmas steadily approaching, I thought it was time to dust off the ole' wish list of inbound marketing-related gadgets and software.

    1. Sony DSC-QX100 Smartphone Attachable Lens-Style Camera

    Sony’s new lens-style camera may be the future of photography.  This small, easily transportable and attachable lens is especially useful for journalists and inbound marketers who need to keep content fresh and digitally accessible.

    Sony DS-QX100 transforms your smartphone into a DSLR-like quality camera with:

    • 20 mega pixels

    • F1.8 aperture with 3.6x optical zoom

    • 1" Exmor R CMOS sensor

    • 1080/30p HD video

    Best of all, the lens syncs to your smartphone wirelessly. That's right - you have the flexibility to look at yourself take a high-resolution selfie.  This detachment feature is convenient when you are trying to capture high-quality images quickly.

    You can manually control the lens and view images on the smartphone screen. Images can also be saved on camera and phone memory.

    I love my DSLR, but I rarely want to lug it around or risk it getting damaged or stolen. Thanks for your discrete smartphone camera, Sony.

    2. Facebook Like-A-Hug Jacket

     As if instant Facebook notifications on your phone weren’t enough, now you can make Facebook “Like” notifications even more instantaneous without even having to look at your phone…or do anything but breathe.

    Although it’s not my preferred style of clothing, I would wear this social media vest to receive and give hugs via Facebook. The vest inflates when friends “Like” content on your wall. Online platform interaction with clothing and accessories closes the gap of physical distance and opens the mind to future user communication experience. Who knows? Maybe one day soon we will be interacting online solely via clothing and wearable devices.

    3. Livescribe 3 Smartpen Pro Edition

    Do you handwrite notes and then type them up? This smartpen digitizes your dictation for you and wirelessly connects with your smart device. It also records audio and converts handwritten notes into text. The notes can be integrated with apps like Google Calendar and shared with contacts. Whew. Now I won’t need to go sifting through stacks of post-it notes.

    4. Projecto Instagram Projector

    Yes, it’s true. You can now see a slide show of your own Instagram photos with a mini projector. This would be a perfect re-gift for your Instagram-obsessed friend that seem to have forgotten what analogue film is. The pack includes a projector and gift card for nine slides in 35mm film. 

    5. Photoshop Refrigerator Magnets

    I’m craving these 11 Adobe Photoshop tool and palette magnets. As an inbound marketer, I love creating visual content with Adobe design software, so it only makes sense that I would want to combine it with my first love - food. Now that I think about it, throw in the newly stocked refrigerator too.

    6. Keyboard Shortcut Skins

    These removable skins fit like a glove, but for your keyboard. With these keyboard skins, you can learn Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, Final Cut and Lightroom shortcuts without having to repeatedly Google the action.

    7. Camtasia

    The inbound marketer in me not only needs fast and easy video editing software, but also lives for using it. Video tutorials are easy to produce with the smooth graphics, callouts, animated backgrounds, editing tools and screen recorder. Camtasia includes green screen capabilities and interactive features like quizzes and table of contents. A 30-day free trial is currently available on the Camtasia website.

    8. Final Cut Pro X

    Although Final Cut Pro X has received poorer reviews than its predecessor, Final Cut Pro 7, and is frequently compared to iMovie, I need a versatile video editing software for inbound marketing videos. And hey, the website says it’s the future of post-production.

    9. HTML Business Cards

    It’s time to optimize my business card in HTML or any programming language I want for that matter.

    10. HubSpot Blogging Fuel Mug

    HubSpot-Blogging-Fuel-MugThis nifty coffee mug gages how much blogging fuel you have left in your inbound marketing tank. HubSpot knows that it's dangerous to blog on fumes.






    11. Tickets to Inbound 14

    Inbound 14 tickets are not only on my Christmas list, they’re on my bucket list. If you aren’t familiar with this inbound marketing conference, it’s an annual nation-wide event presented by HubSpot and lead by the biggest inbound marketing gurus in the industry. September 15, 2014, marks its third year, so there is plenty of time to put that ticket in my stocking, Santa.

    What's on your list this holiday season?

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