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    9 Ways to Drive Conversions with Your “About Us” Page

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Why Your “About Us” Page Really Should Be All About You

    Believe it or not, one of your biggest and best tools for conversion may be woefully underused. Too many companies throw a simple sentence up on the “About Us” page and call it a day. Worse, the page features a cheesy CEO and a bio, with no real information about the company itself. If your company is guilty of these infractions, you’re sacrificing potential lead conversions every time someone sees this page.

    Now, your “About Us” page is likely to be one of the most-viewed on your site. In many cases, organic searches lead directly to the page meant to tell customers all about your business. If you haven’t taken advantage of the chance to really sell yourself, how many people do you think are going to stick around? If you really want people to know what your company is all about, you simply have to tell them. 


    Your logo and tagline should be very visible on your “About Us” page. This is how people will recognize your company should they ever see you mentioned outside your own website.


    Introduce your company in a creative story that tells how you began, who formed the company, and why. Be sure the voice of this introduction matches your buyer personas, so you don’t alienate your company right off the bat. Funny anecdotes are a great way to form connections with your visitors, but be sure they’re appropriate for your products and image.

    One mistake many companies make is to try to focus the “About Us” page on customers. By telling customers what they need and how you can fix it, you miss an incredible opportunity to simply talk about you. When your page is too customer-focused, they never learn about your company.

    Videos and Images

    Show visitors that real people are behind your company’s products and services, because over half of consumers surveyed prefer a personal touch when it comes to digital marketing. Let your staff introduce themselves through a company video or with images and bios. Your page visitors will love that inside glimpse into your office, and you’ll begin to form a real relationship with them before they even have a chance to peruse your products.


    You have a wonderful opportunity to show social proof right there on your “About Us” page, since 73% of consumers say positive reviews inspire more trust in a company. New visitors will love the chance to see what past customers think of your company and products. You can always feature a second page with more testimonials and customer reviews, but at least two should be featured on this “About Us” page.

    Talk About the Future

    Let your page visitors know where your company is going. Everyone wants to know they’re along for a great ride, and you can give them that experience with plans for the future. If you make some promises, make sure they’re ones you can keep, so you can continue building trust.

    Company News

    This is a great place to share company news, too. You can build upon your promises by showing how you’ve kept them throughout the lifetime of your company. Tell customers about your new products, any media attention you’ve received, and any awards your company has earned.

    Social Media Sharing

    Give your visitors a chance to discover your social media outlets by featuring buttons prominently. These buttons should be everywhere throughout your website, but since this page is the first many will see, they’re most important right here on the “About Us” page.


    By using H1 and title tags, video and image alt text, and hyperlinks, you can optimize your page for great search results. Keep in mind that customers don’t want to see a whole bunch of keywords stuffed into your company bio, so try to provide quality information that will answer questions instead.

    Contact Information

    Too many companies make the mistake of only allowing contact by a form. You should always include your office location, phone numbers, various emails for different departments, and even individual social media accounts for staff members. Customers should know there are many different ways to reach your company, especially if they prefer contact that’s more immediate than email.

    Now your “About Us” page is ready to unveil to the world. Go forth and let people know all about your company so you can start building meaningful relationships with your customers.

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