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    10 Free Website Analytics Tools - Honest Reviews & Analysis

    Posted by Rachel Chapdelaine

    You must know your competitors' SEO strategy to improve your own!

    In 2013, 55% of marketers increased their digital marketing budget and nearly 50% of companies now have a content marketing strategy. What are your competitors doing?

    If you are planning a website redesign or want to increase page rank, you should be using website analytics tools to see where your website suffers, improve your on-page SEO and see how competitor website analytics stack up.

    The following tools will analyze:

    • PageRank

    • Website traffic

    • Organic keywords

    • Paid keywords

    • Ads

    • Backlinks

    • Internal and external links

    • XML sitemaps

    • Domain and page authority

    • Meta data and semantics tags

    • Social media

    • Website speed

    • 301 & 302 redirects

    • And more website analytics


    For Competitor Keywords

    Use these tools to see what keywords your competitors’ are successfully using to drive traffic and develop your own keyword strategy.

    1.      Spyfu

    SpyFu allows you to see the paid keywords and ads from Google Adwords and organic ranking of your competitor’s domain.

    • SpyFu Kombat- The free version of this feature allows you to compare two websites for organic and paid keywords. The overlap in the Venn diagram displays the number of keywords that are being used by both websites. Clicking on one of the circles produces a list of keywords to the right. The website history for paid keywords, organic keywords and ad budget are also compared at the bottom of the page.

     Spyfu keywords analytics tool

    • SpyFu Classic - provides an extensive look into the domain’s PPC campaigns, such as cost-per-click, ad position, keyword competition, paid vs. organic traffic, estimated value of organic traffic and other useful metrics.

    • Keyword ad history- shows the frequency a keyword is used in a website’s PPC campaign and copy history.

    • Domain ad history- shows you which keywords have been most successful for your competitors.

    • Keyword smart search- shows you related keywords to keywords entered and previous PPC campaigns.


    2.      iSpionage

    iSpionage allows you to compare competitor website keyword data and optimize PPC campaigns.  You can discover competitor data by searching for keywords or domain names. Organic keywords can be sorted by search volume, cost-per-click and top search engine ranking. Paid keywords and ad data also offer a Keyword Effectiveness Index and Ad Effectiveness Index, which analyzes keyword and ad effectiveness based on the duration of use and if it is still being used by the domain.

    free website analytics tools

    The features of this tool include:

    • Organic keywords

    • Paid keywords

    • Top competitors for organic and paid keywords

    • PPC budget history

    • Suggested keywords

    • Facebook and Twitter mentions

    • Whois website information


    For Competitor Meta Data and Traffic

    3.      PageRank Status

    This nifty, No. 1 SEO extension for Google Chrome brings dependable page rank, traffic, meta data and more to your screen without you having to leave the current page.

    PageRank Status Free Website Analytics 

    It provides:

    • Google PageRank, AlexaRank, Compete Rank and Quantcast Rank

    • Alexa Traffic Rank

    • Meta data (title, meta description, H1, H2, bolding, italics, image alt text, etc.)

    • Number of backlinks

    • Internal and external links (follow and nofollow)

    • Pages indexed by major search engines

    • Page speed

    • Geo IP Location Information

    • Whois Data

    • Social Media stats

    • Cache Stats

    • Site building information

    • And more


    For Competitor Indexed Pages

    4. The Screaming Frog

    The Screaming Frog is a downloadable tool that crawls websites for indexed pages, redirects, images, meta data and more. The software allows you to view up to 500 sites per website for free and export data into an Excel format. With this SEO tool, you can analyze acompetitor’s keyword strategy in their meta data and internal linking data by downloading their XML sitemap.

    Screaming Frog Free Website Analytics

    This tool includes:

    • Page title and length

    • Meta description and length

    • Meta keywords

    • H1 and H2

    • Inbound links

    • Internal links

    • External links (follow and nofollow)

    • Anchor text

    • Images and alt text

    • URL issues and errors (404, etc.)

    • 301 and 302 Redirects

    • Duplicate pages

    • Crawl as website as Googlebot, Bingbot, or Yahoo! Slurp

    • Custom source code search that helps find content in source code

    • XML sitemap generator

    • And more


    For Competitor Link Data

    5.      Moz - Open Site Explorer

    Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool provides a limited number of daily free reports to guests and free accountholders. With this free website analytics tool, you can view top pages, anchor text linking to website, and compare domain authority, backlinks, and internal and external links of competitors.

     free website analytics tools

    Free features within Open Site Explorer:

    • Inbound Links – allows you to see where links pointing to your competitor’s site are coming from.

    • Top Pages – the top pages on the website sorted by page authority. Linking root domains, inbound links and social media metrics are also displayed.

    • Linking Domains – a list and graph of the linking root domains to the website.

    • Anchor Text – shows the anchor text being used to link to different pages on the website.

    • Compare Link Metrics – compares up to five URLs for link metrics, page authority, sub-domain authority and domain authority.

    • Just-Discovered links - indexes recent tweeted URLs and URLs linked from those tweeted pages. Community members receive 20 free results and guests receive five free results.


    For Comprehensive Competitor SEO Data

    6. SEORCH

    SEORCH is a fast and free tool that crawls websites for SEO mistakes and suggests improvements. SEORCH focuses on the title tag, meta description, content, and internal and external links, but also covers off-page elements like backlinks and social media. This SEO tool performs a meta data checklist and evaluates if the website content has met or exceeded the optimal range. Keyword frequency, semantics analysis and technical analysis are also presented. Similar to The Screaming Frog, you can crawl up to 150 sites for free and receive a more detailed content and technical analysis.

     free website analytics tools


    7.      Web SEO Analytics

    Web SEO Analytics is the most well-rounded website analytics tool on this list. The drawback is that not all of the reports are free, and the reports that are free have limited information. This website includes an extensive directory that allows you to search websites by tags, find similar websites and view statistics.

     free website analytics tools

     Image courtesy of webseoanalytics.com

    The main features include:

    • Backlink Analysis – reports internal and external links (follow and nofollow), backlinks and anchor text.

    • Link Structure – allows you to optimize your internal links for spiders to better crawl your website and view broken links.

    • Link Popularity – provides a full list of websites who are linking to the website. 

    • Keyword Battle – you can enter keywords and URLs and the tool will report the keyword rank for each website.

    • Keyword Analyzer – analyzes your website keywords and identifies the most important. Keyword phrases are chosen by keyword density and frequency.

    • Domain Info – provides domain-related information.

    • Indexed Pages – crawls website to see which pages haven’t been indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

    • Reputation Tracker - tracks social mentions and metrics.

    • HTML Validation – checks the validity of URLs according to W3C standards and identifies bad markup language.

    • Duplicate Content – evaluates the percentage of duplicate content on two websites. 

    • Site Submitter – submits websites to more than 30 search engines.

    • PageRank Check - checks Google PageRank (PR).

    • Multi DC PageRank - compares website PageRank against different Data Centers from Google.


    8. Woorank

    Although you are only able to run one free website report per week, this tool offers a free trial of unlimited reports to those who sign up, and you can view all previous reports generated.

    free website analytics tools

    Some of the features include:

    • Overall website grade

    • Top priorities for the website

    • Visitor traffic and demographics

    • Local directory information

    • Social media popularity and metrics

    • Mobile rendering of website and optimization evaluation

    • On-page SEO analysis and checklist

    • Website keywords and competitors

    • Number of backlinks 

    • Usability and functionality of website

    • Security and trust metrics

    • Speed and tech information


    For competitor online marketing strategy

    9. HubSpot Marketing Grader

    HubSpot’s Marketing Grader analyzes the overall marketing grade of a website and outlines steps to improve online marketing effectiveness.

     free website analytics

    • Blogging- measured by frequency of publication, length of content, optimization of images, use of meta descriptions, number of social shares and likes, and links to landing pages and lead generation forms.

    • Social Media - efficiency is measured by reach, frequency of new published content, follower engagement and social media sharing on website.

    • SEO - website optimization is analyzed by the average number of indexed pages in search engines, MozRank, inbound links, social media activity and meta data.

    • Lead Generation – measured by use of lead capture forms, promotion of offers, marketing automation and analytics tools.

    • Mobile Marketing – mobile device optimization is measured by the website appearance on mobile and proper script.


    For Competitor Store Grade

    10.  Ecommerce Grader

    Ecommerce Store Grader by Shopify grades website stores on SEO, store usability, content and social marketing, and technical. Although very basic, this tool helps shine light on errors and opportunities for improvement.

    free website analytics tools

    Choose among these free website analytics tools to discover a depth of your competitors’ website marketing and SEO strategy. If you stick to a few of these tools and stay consistent, you will be able to see how the improvements you make on your website compare to the competition over time.

    If you want to out rank your competitors by optimizing your website content with a blog, start with this free checklist of the Top 10 SEO Tips for Blogging.

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