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    7 Heavenly Virtues of Divine Inbound Marketers

    Posted by Katie Redmond

    Are You Bound for Marketing Heaven?

    What makes the difference between a good marketer and a great marketer? The willingness to work late? An impressive resume? A master’s degree? Not necessarily. While all of the above qualities don’t hurt, what really helps you become a great marketer is having the right character strengths. Much like the seven heavenly virtues of life, there are seven heavenly virtues of marketing that, when attained, turn any good marketer into a great marketer.

    1. Hunger

    To be a marketer, you’ve got to have an unending hunger, not for food*, but for improvement. While the constant hunger for improvement can be considered a bad habit out in the real world, it is a huge asset to every marketer who has it. Good marketers win first place, but great marketers win first place and then set their eyes on a greater prize.

    *Food cravings are an optional addition to this virtue, because everyone knows that food fuels late night work sessions.

    2. Creativity

    This one is pretty obvious – you can’t do creative work if you’re not creative! Data analysts and statisticians can spend hours analyzing metrics and trends, but without creativity, they can’t interpret the results in a way that sends the right message. While marketing – particularly inbound marketing – is driven by data, at the heart of this occupation is creativity. Lack creativity as a marketer, and you lack the most basic principle of your work.

    3. Bravery

    Are you unafraid to take chances? Are you willing to put yourself on the line stand up for what you believe in? Are you confident in your ability to present to a crowd? If you answered yes to those questions, you’ve likely got the bravery it takes to make it in marketing. While inbound marketing is a mostly behind-the-scenes kind of job, you can’t be shy and uncertain in this field. As a marketer, you need the courage to present and back up ideas that may well fail wildly, because you never know – they also might succeed wildly.

    All that said, bravery can often by mistaken with arrogance, which is one of the deadliest marketing vices you can have. Be cautious that you keep your admirable bravery in check and don’t let it turn into stubborn self-pride.

    4. Persistence

    Marketing is definitely requires you to try, try again. Whether you’re persistent in pitching an idea to your team, in distributing a new lead generation campaign, or in staying late to finish up one last email, this occupation requires a lot of diligence. If you would ever describe your work ethic as “lazy” or if procrastination is one of your most frequently used work methods, look for another career.

    5. Cleanliness

    Marketing moves fast, and if you can’t keep up, you won’t succeed. Part of keeping up is being organized so that you can quickly and easily find the right information you need to get your job done. When you’re not organized, important tasks and work can get lost or overlooked, which doesn’t make for very good marketing. If you’re interested in marketing, but not the most organized, it’s your lucky day – I wrote a blog on how to be organized in marketing that is filled with tips and advice on how to get your stuff together so that you can do great work.

    6. Wisdom

    Of course all jobs require you to have a knowledge bank of useful skills built up in order to be hired. But in inbound marketing, there are a plethora of extra non-marketing specific skills that can be beneficial to your job. A great inbound marketer not only knows how to create and write, they have graphic design skills, a basic understanding of coding, PR skills for distribution purposes, and more. Having wisdom in a variety of fields is one of the greatest assets you can have as a marketer.

    7. Honesty

    In an occupation that many perceive as deceptive, it’s particularly important to be honest in all facets of your work. Not only is it extremely important to be ethical and honest when creating work for clients, it’s important to be honest in your workplace. Don’t be afraid to tell a coworker or boss that you disagree with their ideas simply because you want to be nice. Being honest and speaking up when you feel you need to voice an unpopular opinion can help you and your company succeed.

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