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    The Social Marketing Campaign that Will Destroy Your Company

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: Social Media Faceplants

    Just as
    social media can be good for your business if it is not used correctly it can also ruin your business. Some mistakes can affect your strategy for using social media and other mistakes can ruin your strategy completely. Once a negative comment is out in social media it is very hard to remove or overcome it.

    Ignoring your social media pages

    • It is very important that you keep your social media accounts up to date. People will keep coming back to your blogs and other pages like Facebook if they can see that the information and comments are current and meaningful.

    • A person will not keep coming back to a blog if there are no other posts since last time. So after a couple of visits, they stop returning.

    • If you keep your web pages and social media pages informative and up to date people will come back to see what has been happening. The more informative blog posts and new information is, the more often people will return.

    • If you don’t update at least once a week, people will stop visiting and your name and brand will lose its reputation.

    • You need to work hard and earn your following.

    Using automatic apps to send information to social media sites

    • This can cause problems as you are sending the same posts to every site and they come with the first sites connection. If you are posting to twitter and then forwarding it to Facebook and Pinterest, it will show up with a Twitter hash tag. This can make the Pinterest and Facebook followers feel like they are second best as everything comes via Twitter.

    • As convenient and time saving as this is you need to post separately to your social media sites.

    • You can still pre-organize posts but set up a schedule but you need to edit the content for each different social media site.

    • You need to be seen to be interacting with your followers by answering comments, offering help and commenting on other posts

    Create a ghost site or a traffic jammed site

    • One of the worst mistakes you can make is to suddenly, after a week or more of no comments on a social media site, and makes 30 comments in about 10 minutes. This can cause a traffic jam like effect when all people will do is gloss over your posts to get you off the screen.

    • The opposite of course is a ghost town effect where no new information has been posted in months. People will think you are out of business, not serious about social media or could not be bothered about your product.

    Have a public argument

    • If a customer has left a negative comment or has complained about a product you don’t want to continue the argument on the social media sites. Ask them to email you personally about the complaint or comments.

    • If you have the argument on the social media sites everyone will see the negative comments and these comments will be there forever and this is the last thing that you want to happen.

    • Arguments will affect the profile of your product and company and portray it in a negative way.

    Be a desperate advertiser

    • The last thing you need to do is to flood social media pages with advertising day after day. People get sick and tired of looking at and will begin to ignore or not come back to the site. The business needs to work at making a relationship with its customers not trying to steam roll them into buying products.

    Ignore feedback and negative comments

    • People who post a comment have taken the time to tell you why they don’t like a product or some aspect of it. You need to take the time to reply to their problem or query. The customers have to know that you care about what they have to say.

    • Ideally you should answer in no more than 24 hours if you are a small business and a few days for a larger business.

    • Ignoring any comments or deleting them from your site will have a negative impact. It is better to have a negative comment and a good reply to it than no reply at all.

    What are the social media mistakes you see most often?

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    Author Bio: Ben Oren specializes in handling SEO efforts and boosting online conversion for large corporations in highly competitive niches, mostly in the US and Europe. Ben Oren is the Head Marketing Consultant at Dynamic Search™ - a US based, reputable web marketing agency handling small and medium clients worldwide. 




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