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    An Honest Review of gShift Labs vs. Moz

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Is it time to switch SEO Tools?

    In the SEO industry, we rely on various tools to make the job easier and more efficient.  While there are tons of free SEO tools out there that give us a snapshot of information, most SEO professionals turn to the paid SEO tools like Moz to get their data in an all-in-one fashion.  Moz is considered by most to be the world’s brand leader when it comes to search marketing and SEO tools.  But when you’re at the top for so long, eventually your competition begins to catch up and that competition is gShift Labs.

    gShift Labs Web Presence Optimizer was founded in 2009 as a SaaS (Software as a Service) that was built for marketers and agencies to get control of their organic search efforts.  As it turns out, it’s not just marketers and agencies that are using gShift, but a package dedicated to individual businesses allows a SMB to keep up with their own web presence in house.  

    Since gShifts commencement, more and more products within their software have updated and come online as their business has grown.  The key take away from that is that they have not remained stagnant.  Too often we see software and applications hit the market with great initial success and then developers take their hands off the wheels.  (Wait, who’s driving this thing?)

    Search Engine Optimization is almost like a living, breathing (-fire *exhalation dragon-) organism that is evolving everyday into a superhuman. (prototype: Matt Cutts)  With the ever changing search algorithms, it’s reassuring that gShift is willing to change, update and evolve with the times.  

    [*didn’t want to use the word “breathing” here twice]

    As for Moz, (Formerly SEOmoz) they have become a staple in the SEO community, not only for their software solutions, but for their constant sharing of knowledge.  About each Friday we see Rand Fishkin, always sporting his signature stylish shirt, giving us transparent SEO knowledge on WhiteBoard Friday’s.  Moz was founded by Rand in 2004 for business consulting but shifted gears to software development in 2010.  

    Moz has also been growing their business model and giving us new tools within their umbrella with the OpenSiteExplorer backlink tool and the acquisitions of Followerwonk and GetListed.org.  Moz has done a complete overhaul of their site and brand over the past year, which is beautiful and as always does what we expect.

    So how is gShift different than Moz?

    While I am currently a huge Moz fan as well as a customer, after researching gShift, it has really turned my head and made me ask myself tough questions? (Am I really in love with Moz?  - Do I even know what love is? – How will this divorce affect the kids?)  But seriously, so far I’m very impressed.

    gShift Labs has 5 pricing structures for their SEO software.  

    $99 /month - Small Business (Key features)

    • 1 website

    • Up to 25 pages

    • Tracking for 100 keywords

    • Tracking up to 3 competitors

    • Plus a lot more like social signals, analytics, on-page SEO, backlinks, keyword research, and your own account manager

    This is great for small businesses to track metrics, run reports and increase their web presence without the need of paying an entire SEO agency.  (Don’t tell my boss I promoted this.)

    $299 /month – Pro Package (Key features)

    • Unlimited Websites

    • Unlimited Webpages

    • Tracking for 1,500 keywords

    • Unlimited competitors

    • Branded reports +$49 /month

    • Plus all the other goodies

    $499 /month – Agency Package (Key features)

    • Unlimited Websites / Webpages

    • 3,000 keywords

    • Unlimited Competitors

    • *Branded reports included

    *Do you know what this means?  Branded reports mean no more cut-copy-pasting your company logo onto pdf reports that you generate from all of your different tools.  #TimeSaver

    Packages go all the way up to the Enterprise level at $2400 /month (Can I get a company gShift Cadillac to go with this plan?)  You do get what you pay for and this plan will have it all.  (Free Cadillac…Fingers crossed.)

    Here is where the big difference lies with gShift, Unlimited Websites!!!.  Moz calls them “Campaigns” (tricky) but they are actually “Websites” and with the Moz Premium account, you only get 100.  With gShift, that means you are no longer having to delete accounts (aka “Campaigns”) and all of the previous data to make room for a new client (Or making room for your bosses buddy that thinks that S.E.O is the Japanese Acronym for Ctrl-Alt-Delete.)

    Here are the Moz pricing basics

    $99 /month (Standard) – 5 Websites | 300 Keywords

    $149 /month (Pro) – 5 Websites | 450 Keywords | Branded Reports Coming Soon

    $249 /month (Large) – 25 Websites | 1,100 Keywords | Branded Reports Coming Soon

    $599 /month (Premium) – 100 Websites | 3,700 Keywords | Branded Reports Coming Soon

     Here are the gShift pricing basics

    $99 /month (Small Business) – 1 Website/25 Pages | 100 Keywords

    $299 /month (Pro) – Unlimited Websites | 1,500 Keywords

    $499 /month (Agency) – Unlimited Websites | 3,000 Keywords | Branded Reporting

    $1,299 /month (Agency Pro) – Unlimited Websites | 10,000 Keywords | Branded Reporting

    $2,400 /month (Enterprise) – Unlimited Websites | 20,000 Keywords | Branded Report (Cadillac?!?)

    Unlimited Websites and the ease of reporting is what really makes gShift stand out.  You can actually schedule your reports to go out automatically to your clients which is a huge win.  I’ve been researching and testing for about 2 months before making a decision.  It’s not easy when it comes to changing something we are so dependent on.  But I must give praise to the gShift sales team as they have stayed in constant contact with me to answer any questions I have about their software.  I would love to hear comments either way about gShift vs Moz and switching.    

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