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    Announcing a Free, 20 Day Marketing Crash Course from the Experts!

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Inbound Marketing Hacks

    November is unofficial productivity month. Marketers are creatives worldwide use the 30-days before the holidays to get busy, publishing daily in honor of blog posting month, growing mustaches in honor of Movember, or hammering out 60,000 words for NANOWRIMO.

    Join us in our resolution to get a little better each day in the weeks ahead, by improving your efficiency and efficacy. Who doesn't want to do better work in half the time? We've joined with our partner HubSpot to develop a 20 Day Marketing Crash Course, which includes actual inbound marketing hacks from the brightest minds in the business. We've sampled two below:

    Bill Faeth: Convert Your Office into a Giant Whiteboard

    inbound marketing hacksWith a growing staff of creative marketers, it’s easy to run short on whiteboard space. We’ve covered the walls of three conference rooms in our office with Idea Paint, which turns walls into whiteboards. There’s never a lack of space for collaboration and creativity now!

    Our meetings and impromptu strategy sessions are more collaborative, creative and concrete with all the wall space to write down ideas and concepts! Whiteboards are an inherently collaborative tool, as opposed to PowerPoints, which are used for lecturing. It's a great way to get our entire staff involved.

    John McDougall: Using Evernote and Salesforce Send Feature

    inbound marketing hacksUsing Evernote’s and Salesforce’s “email into the app” features have been a lifesaver because my inbox is a total zoo. I just send a regular email to my Evernote account using @notebookName #tag1 #tag 2 at the end of the subject line. My email is now stored in the particular notebook I’ve created with as many different tags as I want. Same is true when I send sales correspondence into Salesforce via a special email.

    It’s a great time saver! I also worry less about important emails being lost when I know they’re safely tucked into Evernote and/or in the prospects file in Salesforce

    So, how cool are those? There's 18 more expert tips to transform the way you work and succeed as an inbound marketer within the pages of this free eBook! To make things even better, there's a calendar file which integrates with either Gmail OR Outlook (take your pick!), so you can get daily reminders of practical ways to up your game in the month to come.

    To instantly access your free copy, simply click the link below:

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