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    Announcing: 8 Terrifying Inbound Marketing Horror Stories

    Posted by Jordan White

    The Curse of The Social Media Selfie

    Dark was the night as fog crept through the city,

    All alone at a desk sat a cackling selfie,

    Her eyes glowed red as her tweets were written,

    Not a single follower wooed or even smitten.

    Her shares were ignored as she blasted the ‘net,

    Not once did she engage, or curate content,

    An endless sales pitch, with not one human thought,

    Was her media presence and none were taught,

    The value of her brand, or unique value proposition,

    As she spammed out her pitch, with reckless imprecision.

    5 Frightening Forewarnings:

    1. ReTweet other people’s posts.

    2. Share other people’s posts.

    3. Use relevant hashtags to help people find your information.

    4. Monitor your social inbox.

    5. Thank people for sharing your content.

    Hungry for more brain food and creepy-crawly inbound marketing horror stories, in addition to the one above that was penned by IMA's own Jordenstein? Check out 8 Terrifying Inbound Marketing Horror Stories, a collaborative project between some of the brightest minds in digital marketing. To access your free copy today, simply click the image below:

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