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    Search Engine Future: What Tools, Tricks and Tips Will Matter For The Future of SEO?

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: The Evolution of SEO

    Search engines are changing on what almost seems like a monthly basis. While emphasis needs to be put on seems, it is true that Google has led the charge with structural changes to its search engine that puts the bearing more on those who employ the search engine for business, while guaranteeing an improved service for subscribers.

    The pros and cons of these changes, particularly in Google’s sense are, of course, subjective. Depending upon who is asked, the changes are either a burden or an innovation.

    To be certain, content will be the main focus of upcoming search engines, and to do deal with that, a business advertiser needs to know the certain tools, tricks and tips to get them at the top of a search engine’s results.

    Google Is King So Play Google’s Game

    As was recently addressed in a Forbes.com article, though there are competitors to Google, none of them have outlasted the search engine giant in popularity nor upgrades to its technology. As of late, Microsoft’s Bing engine has not really been of any consequence to Google’s successes at the top of the food chain. Although others have tried (such as the long-standing battle with Yahoo proves) none have Google’s wherewithal.

    This means that many in the internet world have had to play by Google’s rules. And by that it is meant much of what is presented on the internet is in compliance with what Google demands in content.

    To that point specifically is SEO, which while some say Google frowns upon as a trick of the trade, it still works toward getting a site a higher spot on an internet search result.

    Content, Content, Content

    With the introduction of Google’s new Hummingbird search algorithm, the content stakes game has been raised exponentially: now, a web designer and writer must prove the worthiness of their content. This means more language and less SEO, even as SEO continues to sell higher spots in an overall search.

    Even so SEO’s viability will still require how the SEO is placed within its context, to which Hummingbird will thoroughly search and decide upon. A tool for SEO-driven content in the search engine future is to keep material original, succinct, and of quality. A rehashing of something popular in hopes of catching some of the original’s traffic will never fair as well as a something wholly unique, something that is difficult to accomplish but absolutely something to strive for.

    Continual Reinvention

    Another tool needed to beat the search engine future is for the content to be fresh and innovative. In short, it has to be new content that is continually renewed. This means online material that has to be updated on an ongoing basis of no less than once every two weeks by Google’s standards. What that can mean to a business is a stronger focus on writing that seeks to not make itself sustainable by SEO alone, but by refreshed input in a timely and calendar rotating manner.

    These suggestions alone will help achieve success against the continual renovation of not just Google but all variations of the search engine to come when faced with the content it both relies on and supplies to its users.

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    Author Bio:  Dave Landry Jr. is a small business owner and frequent blogger for Gryffin.com, where he writes about everything from business to finance to SEO. He hopes you visit the site and check out more of his writing, and that you find this article interesting and informative!

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