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    Slideshare: How Do you Build your Blog Audience?

    Posted by Jordan White

    Need More Blog Traffic?

    We've learned a great deal about blog traffic here at Inbound Marketing Agents, and we've compiled some of that knowledge into an easy to read slideshare. This slideshare is an exceprt from our free eBook "The Complete Guide to Business Blogging"



    If you want to learn more, please feel free to download the full eBook where you'll learn other valuable pieces of information like: 

    • Value of Business Blogging

    • How to Write Keyword-Optimized Content

    • Distribution Tactics that Boost Blog Traffic

    • How to Create and Implement a Content Calendar

    Bonus Tip (not in the eBook): Be sure to include a Google+ share this button so your readers can easily Plus 1 your article and you should do the same as soon as you post.  When you post your article to Google+, Google will automatically index your article as new page for their search algorthim. This will help you index pages faster if your site is not indexed on a regular basis by Google. 

    To find out how often your website is being indexed by Google log into your Google Webmaster tools account.  Creating fresh content as often as you can combined with posting to Google+ will increase how often Google crawls your website.

    A Complete Guie to Business Blogging

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