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    Get Smart With Facebook for Business Apps

    Posted by Michael Dooley

    Maximizing the Value of Your Company Page

    Facebook Apps allow developers to incorporate interactive software with Facebook pages. Businesses can put these Facebook Apps to use on their company pages by adding tabs, which appear on the right below the cover photo on a page. A business page can have four tabs visible at all times, and additional tabs that can be accessed by clicking a dropdown button. The tabs rest in prime real estate for a Facebook page, and can be leveraged with custom design on the cover photo, such as arrows pointing towards the tabs. Since these tabs are so prominent on a page, it’s important that the applications and purposes they are used for will be beneficial to your company. Here are some of the ways Facebook Apps can be used to maximize the value of a Facebook business page.

    Stream Your Feeds

    One of the most basic uses for Facebook Apps for business and one of the most important is to stream your company’s content. You can use Facebook Apps to stream your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social feeds. This is another way to keep your followers up-to-date on your blog feed as well. By incorporating all of your feeds on your Facebook page, you’ll increase the likelihood of people following your company across those other social networks. Some of your audience could be unaware that your company has a Pinterest page or a YouTube channel. You can also highlight individual pieces of content like eBooks or checklists, by creating an individual tab for them. The content shared using Facebook Apps should be of high quality and high value to the audience, especially if the piece of content will be used as one of your company’s four primary tabs.

    Open Up Shop

    One of the biggest advantages to Facebook Apps for business is the ability to turn your company Facebook page into a marketplace. Using eCommerce applications, you can make your products available for purchase without forcing users away from Facebook to another site. This is a great feature to use if your company has a large inventory of products to offer. Even if your company isn’t focused on selling products online, these applications can be used to offer company swag, or t-shirts for special events, or even to raise money for a charity. Sales people think that social media is nice but doesn’t add up to dollar signs for them, this is the opportunity to monetize they have been looking for. Aside from the general eCommerce, products and services can also be featured with giveaways and contests. There are many different apps which allow companies to run contests on their pages. By including occasional giveaways, visitors will be much more likely to purchase from your marketplace on Facebook.

    Ask The Audience

    Polls and surveys can be extremely valuable uses for Facebook Apps, opening up opportunities for insight from your customer or fan base. A company could have a tab on their Facebook page linking directly to a net promoter score or overall customer satisfaction survey. People generally dread dealing with customer service over the phone, but are much more likely to air their grievances or appreciations on social media. Polling your audience will give you a better visual representation of what their true opinions are. You can use polls to ask your audience important questions about their needs, desires, concerns, and pain points.

    Facebook Apps can provide valuable enhancements to a business page and can be used very differently across varying industries. Your company’s strategy in using these apps should be to integrate and promote content, increase sales opportunities, and to maximize communication avenues between your company and the audience. Using Facebook Apps can take a plain boring company page and turn it into a vital multi-functional company resource.

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