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    The 5 Time Sucks of Inbound Marketing

    Posted by Jordan White

    Do You Have Time for Inbound Marketing?

    Before you write this blog post off as another generic, rhetorical question to spur traffic and further perpetuate the value of our method, let me assure you that by the end of the article I will explain how some people actually do not have time for inbound marketing. I will also explain why most people do and how to tell the difference.

    But before we jump into the categories of “have time” and “don't have time” I’m going to start by outlining the key time considerations for the inbound approach to work.

    The 5 Time Sucks of Inbound Marketing

    1. Building a Following on Social Media

    Unfortunately and fortunately, there are no easy communities in the world of social media. In order to engage followers and build a dedicated following, you must invest the time to build that community. There are websites where you can purchase a social media following but those followers are nothing more than empty numbers. They are not brand advocates, they will not buy your product.

    Think about your best friend. How long did it take to get to the point of trust where you believe them when they make recommendations?

    A good inbound marketing approach dedicates hours a week to following, sharing, and connecting with social media users who can be positively impacted by your brand.

    1. Responding to Social Media

    Sorry Charlie, the work doesn’t end once your community is established—followers don’t like being ignored.

    Community engagement requires responding to your followers which is  a task that is easy at first, but can become overwhelming when the following grows. We recommend taking periodic breaks throughout the day to check in to your social networks to make sure that your positive followers are thanked and negative followers are pleased.

    1. Blogging

    Take it from Hubspot, Blogging is serious business. And a proper inbound approach requires that you blog regularly with a focus on appealing to your personas interests. For new writers, getting used to cranking out two 600 hundred word a week articles can be more than daunting.

    Trust us when we say that blogging gets easier with time, but that you must always schedule time for it. Your comfort and focus with blogging will determine how much of a time suck it is.

    1. Creating Content

    For those unfamiliar with the Inbound approach, a critical element is the content that you create for your following. We’re not just talking about tweeting and blogging here—we’re talking about valuable industry insights.

    The quality of the content you create determines the likelihood of your personas to become a lead.  

    In short, if you produce crappy content, you will get crappy leads. But if you take the time to hone your narrative (sorry, English major here) and add real value to your persona’s day then you just might get some leads that turn into valued customers.

    1. Updating your Content/Adjusting Strategy

    So once you finish with all of these other time sucks, you must move on to the ultimate, grand daddy time suck. You must change things!

    The beauty of inbound marketing is that when you create a blog post or an ebook, or an email marketing campaign—it can be fixed.

    Here at IMA, we spend a great deal of our time tweaking campaigns that are delivered. Ignoring the ability to read metrics and adjust accordingly completely eliminates one of the strongest components of an inbound strategy. It’s like (fairly) being given the answers to the test and throwing them away.

    You Have Time If…

    • Increasing your social media community

    • Improving your websites find ability online

    • Getting certified leads to deliver to your sales team

    • making money from the digital landscape

    …are worth 10 hours a week of your time

    You Don’t (promised I would) Have Time If….

    • Your brand’s value is not relevant online (can’t think of any off the top of my head—maybe they don’t exist)

    • You don’t want more customers

    • Leads don’t matter to you

    • Despite all the benefits of inbound marketing, your schedule will not allow for any more obligations.

    If the last answer sounds like your situation, you might want to give us a call. If you do have time for inbound marketing but don’t know where to start, you might also want to give us a call and subscribe to our blog for more inbound strategy tips.

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