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    5 Eye-Poppingly Gorgeous Homepage Designs

    Posted by Katie Redmond

    What Does Your Website Say About You?

    Your business’s homepage is undoubtedly one of the most important pages on your entire website. It’s your virtual front door and your face to the world! When it’s done wrong, it’s like giving your customer a limp handshake – you make a weak first impression. But when it’s done right, it’s magic.

    We found 54 of the best homepages from around the web and compiled them into a free eBook, but we want to give you a sneak peek. Check out a few of our favorite homepages and why we think they’re remarkable.

    1. The Production Kitchen by Jacqui Co.

    inbound marketing design
    This is one of our absolute favorites! The look and feel of the site is perfectly designed to match the products. The muted colors and hand drawn elements give this fun site a quirky side, and the interactive elements take this homepage to a whole new level!

    2. Jay Z’s Life+Times

    inbound marketing design

    If anyone knows how to entertain, it’s Jay Z, and his personal website can back up that claim. The interactive tile based homepage allows users to browse through a lot of content at once. Filled with favorite articles, images, and other content from Mr. Carter himself, Jay’s personal site is really cool.

    3. Built by Buffalo

    inbound marketing design

    Another IMA favorite here. Like Jay Z’s tiled site, Built by Buffalo uses tiles to tell a story, but with a spin. With content and pages framed with honeycomb tiles in eye-catching colors, this homepage really pops.

    4. Art & Code

    inbound marketing design

    Art & Code proves that sometimes less is more. Their design seems simple, but when a user hovers their mouse over the grid of product options, the images light up with color. Using grayscale design for the rest of the page allows the pictures to really shine.

    5. Italio Modern Italian Kitchen

    inbound marketing design

    It isn’t often that restaurant chains focus on homepage design, but this one did, and they did it right. A large, clear slideshow across the top of the page is both appealing to the eye and the stomach (don’t mind us if we’re drooling).

    Looking to give your website a little more eye candy? Download our free eBook 54 Brilliant Homepage Designs by clicking below.

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