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    Why Exquisite Twitter Customer Services Makes Me Weak in the Knees

    Posted by Jordan White

    Twitter Strategy Insights

    A large part of what we do over here at IMA revolves around the world of social media. Unless your internet is still running on AOL dial up speeds (remember that sound?), you know that social media is huge. That said, there are definitely good ways to do social media and some really bad ways.

    Here’s my experience from a few days ago:

    I have a friend on twitter who tweeted about how she was mad at Comcast. It was a fair tweet with no expletives or foulness. She did what any good social media user does and she used the @ sign to make sure that @comcast understood her frustration. Like this:

    The Bad

    @comcast did not respond. As you probably figured out, this falls into the bad category because they didn’t do anything to fix the problem. As many smart people have said:

    The reasons (as if you needed them) why this is so bad are:

    • You just showed a lot of people that you don’t care about your customers

    • Your customers think that you’re not on social media (missed opportunity)

    • Customers will now engage in conversation without you

    But most importantly (in this case)…

    • You open the door for someone else to swoop in.

    Back to my story. So after my friend tweeted about how much she hated Comcast I responded. My parents have had issues with Comcast in the past and I’ve generally not been a fan of their customer service in the past. So I tweeted:

    The Good

    Once again, no response by @comcast, but then something funny happened. Just as my friend and I were wallowing in our cable misery, a hero came swooping to our social media rescue!

    Wow, talk about a brand that understand how to use social media.

    Here’s what makes DirecTV’s response so great:

    • They seized the moment their competitor missed

    • A disgruntled competitor’s customer just turned into a lead for their company

    • A conversation was started that allowed us to engage in a dialogue

    But they even took it a step further:

    Key Takeaways

    • It was Easy - If you’ll notice, the response tweets really weren’t that personal. They were definitely part of a copy/paste job where users monitor the bad mentions of @comcast.

    • But do you think I care? No! - It was still more engaging than their competitors and I doubt it took more than 1 minute to do. Where else can you get that level of engagement in a minute?

    • It Worked - What’s so great about this example is that one company found a way to take their competitor’s customer complaints and turn them into a step towards their brand loyalty. Inbound marketing is all about meeting people where they want to be met. Social media is one such venue.

    If you don’t respond on social media, you’re ignoring your customer’s requests to connect with you. And further, if you’re not reaching out in creative ways like this then you’re missing a huge portion of the population.

    Now go connect with someone on Twitter! Heck, it could even be me: @jordanpwhite.

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