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    September’s Top 5 Sales and Marketing Articles, Videos and Webinars

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Inspire Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    September was a busy month. Football is back. The Government shut down. Kids are back in school. And holy cow was there some great content created for business owners, marketers, and salespeople that you surely don’t want to miss. 

    Since Breaking Bad came to end on Sunday night I now have to occupy my time at night with something productive and what a better way to do this then share my Top 5 pieces of content that I consumed over the last month. These articles are not self-promoting, but five of the best articles, videos, and webinars that you will want to consume, bookmark, and tweet.


    1. The Science of Buying Signals (Webinar)

    Let’s get this party started with one of the best webinars of the month conducted by Dan Zarrella.  This webinar is chalk full of data driven goodness based on contact records and buying cycles of thousands of HubSpot customers that is sure to improve your sales processes and tactics.

    In this data driven webinar (available on demand) will help you gain insight on how to:

    • Identify underutilized opportunities

    • Optimize your website to encourage buying-ready behavior

    • Learn to avoid negative buying signals

    • Close more sales


    2. What to Do After People Opt In To Your Email List (Article/Slideshare)

    If you’re not familiar with Amy Porterfield, she is one of the foremost experts on Facebook marketing.  In this article Amy will walk you through how to leverage your email list, which should be one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing tool kit.

    Amy will also share a great Slideshare on How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List Quickly along with tips, tricks, and resources from Copyblogger, Social Triggers,  Waldow Social, and HubSpot.


    3. Why Nothing Great Happens With Content Marketing at Less than 10 Hours Per Week (Article)

    sales and marketing articles


    image credit: salvatore vuono/freedigitalphotos.net

    All five of the content pieces in this article are great, but this one from Marcus Sheridan sure hits home as we see many prospects that think they can excel at content marketing without putting in the time.

    Marcus clearly defines his 10-Hour Rule of Content Marketing Success in this article with breakdowns of the time you should be investing at stage from research, writing, building a landing page, and social media distribution. 


    4. Hey Marketers: Sales Doesn’t “Get” Your Content Marketing Strategy (Article)

    Marketing Interactions has done a very good job in this article not only clearly writing about how to leverage your marketing content with your sales team, but also provides visual content how it actually can be done.

    The visual data provided clearly defines the issues that sales teams have getting on the content marketing bandwagon and their objections to implementing the content you are creating for them.


    5. Visualizing the DNA of Social Business Via Infographics  (Article/Infographic)

    sales and marketing


    image credit: dream designs/freedigitalphotos.net

    Brian Solis will walk you through the 7 Success Factors of a Social Business Strategy from defining goals to long-term strategy.

    If you don’t subscribe to Brian’s blog then I would highly recommend you click on the link above, read and bookmark this article, and subscribe.

    Well, there you have it.  Now that Breaking Bad is over hopefully I will be able to allocate enough time to create a piece that makes October’s Top 5, but most importantly I would love to hear what your favorite article, video, webinar, or Slideshare was from last month. Please share in the comments below or Tweet me a link to @bfaeth.

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    image credit: salvatore vuono/freedigitalphotos.net



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