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    4 Huge Reasons to Get Excited for OS X Mavericks

    Posted by Michael Dooley

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    The exact release date of Apple’s new OS X Mavericks has been kept under wraps, but the launch is expected soon. With the excitement and buzz that surrounded the launch of iOS 7 for iPhone, Apple can expect the OS X Mavericks launch to be a highly anticipated commodity. Expectations will be high, but for good reason, as there is plenty to get excited about for OS X Mavericks.

    Tags n’ Tabs

    The new “tag” feature within Finder will revolutionize the ability to organize and archive documents and data on your Mac. When you save any document or file with Mavericks, you will be able to assign one or multiple tags to the file. So not only will your document be saved into whichever folder you choose, it will also be accessible through any of the assigned tags. This feature will be a critical tool for project management, allowing users to easily archive all of their work and also keep individual projects organized and segmented.

    The new “Finder Tabs” will really allow the user to unleash the full power of the Finder tool and the new tags. In previous versions, Finder could be annoying and difficult. Having multiple Finder windows open at once can clutter up your screen and make moving files painful. But with OS X Mavericks users will have tabs similar to any Internet browser. So within a single Finder window, you could have a tab for your documents open and also a tab for one of your custom tags, and easily transfer files between the tabs.

    Desktop Control

    If you are going to use multiple displays for a desktop or laptop, OS X Mavericks helps to put that extra screen space to full use. The biggest issue I had with using an external monitor was that one screen was more functional than the other, because the external monitor wouldn’t show a menu bar or application dock. With OS X Mavericks all displays are created equal, and each have their own menu bars and docks. Another change is the ability to have full screen apps open on multiple displays, or a full screen app on one display and a normal window on the other. Also with the ability to swipe between full screen apps on either display and to move applications across screens with Mission Control, your second display is nearly as valuable as a second Mac.


    Safari is receiving some performance upgrades, which will be much appreciated. There also will be some aesthetic changes that will change some of the ways the browser is used. Those who updated their iPhones to iOS 7 may already be familiar with the “Shared Links” button on their mobile version of Safari. Shared links will also be on the desktop browser, providing a feed of all links shared by the user’s friends on social networks. This allows users quick access to the content that matters most to them and their friends.


    Since I started using my cell phone as my GPS, I rarely would look up directions on my computer. It seemed pointless to pull up directions on my computer and then a second time on my phone. This will change with OS X Mavericks, as the new maps application is able to sync with an iPhone and send it directions. Instead of the old search and print directions method, the new way will be to search and sync. The map also includes real-time traffic conditions, and the local search feature used on iPhone maps. The most exciting feature of the maps application is the new flyover mode, which allows users to soar over cities with their mouse or trackpad.

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