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    Your Company’s Twitter Account Sucks, and It’s Probably Your Fault

    Posted by Katie Redmond

    The Worst Social Habits

    So your business is on Twitter – congrats! Being on Twitter can greatly increase your visibility and brand awareness. But don’t think that simply having a Twitter account will skyrocket your business to success. In fact, if you’re using your business’s Twitter account in the wrong way, it could be hurting you more than it’s helping you. If you check yes to exhibiting one or more of these bad Twitter habits, you’re probably killing your brand’s image, and it’s time to stop.

    Habit 1: You’re a Chronic Retweeter

    Your Twitter sucks

    Retweeting is good. It’s a way to engage with other users, share content your company can get behind, and gain followers. But retweeting has to be strategic and limited in order to work. If more than a third of your tweets are retweets, you need to step away from the retweet button. The goal of tweeting is to get your brand’s image out there, and you can’t do that effectively if you’re only sharing other people’s thoughts.

    A good way to think of retweeting is to compare it to The Andy Griffith Show. Your brand’s tweets are Sheriff Andy Taylor and your retweets are Deputy Barney Fife; every once in a while Barney jumps in to support you (and get a laugh or two), but you’re the true lead.


    Habit 2: You’re a Twitter Beggar

    Some (misled) people say that only teenagers use social media; probably because so many adults act like children in the way that they interact on Twitter. Constantly asking for retweets or openly advertising that, “if you follow me I’ll follow you,” makes you seem immature and desperate. You’re more than welcome to follow back new followers, and sure, some research suggests that asking for retweets helps you to get them – you’ve just got to be subtle about how you do both things. Instead of asking everyone and their mom to retweet you, ask all of your users to retweet specific tweets every once in a while like this:

    your twitter sucks

    Habit 3: Your Tweets Aren’t Related to Your Business

    Tweeting about what your family is doing this weekend? Posting a picture of your new car? Are you sharing every article you read online today? Unless they have something to do with your business or your business’s industry, you need to stop it right now.

    Small business owners fall victim to the classic Twitter account identity crisis all the time. Here’s how it works: you own a small business, you personally know a majority of your customers, and you have a small Twitter following. Everyone knows you’re the boss, so of course they’re interested in your personal tweets as well as business-related tweets, right? Wrong. Unless you’re a celebrity or your company’s brand is highly related to your brand as an individual, stay away from personal tweets. It’s great to share photos of company outings and tweet about the new business office, but keep the personalization to a minimum. After all, do you ever see Coca-Cola or Nike tweeting about how delicious their Taco Bell was?

    If your followers were interested in your personal life, they would follow your personal account.

    Habit 4: Your Twitter Account is Connected to Facebook

    This is a rookie mistake. I’ll give you two short and sweet reasons why.

    your twitter sucks

    After so many characters, your text will be cut off, and your followers will have no idea what you were trying to say.

    And because…

    your twitter sucks


    You don’t seem interested in your Twitter followers if you’re just regurgitating content from your Facebook feed.

    In short, don’t connect your Facebook to Twitter. Just don’t.


    Habit 5: You Aren’t a Consistent Tweeter

    If you’re not tweeting consistently, then your Twitter account is harming your brand’s image. That’s right – it’s not only useless, it’s harmful. Why? Because nothing says “We’re closed!” like having a company site that hasn’t been updated in 5 months. If you’ve decided that you need to be on Twitter to grow your brand, then you need to keep up with it. Set a goal of how many times you want to tweet per day or week and keep up with it. Set reminders on your calendar, create phone alarms, or better yet, use free scheduling apps like Buffer to create and send tweets ahead of time. Just get it done, because you don’t want people to assume that your business is lazy since your Twitter is lazy.

    Did you check yes to more habits than you’re happy with? It’s not too late to turn things around! Download our free Twitter for Business eBook and get ready to see things turn around on for your business’ social media.

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