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    Jordan’s 25 Headlines and Why Blog Titles Suck

    Posted by Jordan White

    What Traditional Marketers Know that You Don't

    Read to the end to see my 25 headlines for this blog.

    Blogging is the best way to share your expertise with your customers while establishing yourself as an industry expert. Blog benefits include an increase in digital community, enhancement of your brand’s trust, and a direct line to your customer base. That said, if people aren’t reading your blog posts, then it’s not doing you a bit of good.

    To encourage readership you need to do a few things:

    • Create valuable content (this is far and away the most important step)

    • Share that content across social media platforms

    • Write great titles headlines for your posts

    Before I came into the world of inbound marketing, I spent time working in the world of traditional or outbound marketing. While the majority of work we do here at IMA is vastly different than that of a traditional ad agency—there are some valuable similarities.

    A typical copywriter writes at least 50-100 headlines for every ad they create.

    {You read that right.}

    The takeaway here is that you should think about your blog title as a headline because that’s what it is across the Internet. When you share your blog post to your social media channels, the title must be magnetic enough to bring readers from the social media platform to your blog.

    You probably don’t need to write 25 headlines, but you should at least write 10. Great quality often comes from writing till it hurts. Hubspot also has a great article on how to write great Blog titles here.

    Hubspot’s list of great blog title characteristics includes:

    • Actionable

    • Brief

    • Keyword-Conscious

    • Clear

    • Definitive

    • Intriguing

    To avoid re-inventing the wheel, I’m going to add a couple of my own blog headline suggestions and let you read Hubspot’s article because it really is phenomenal.

    Jordan’s 3 Tips

    1. Personalize the Headline (when possible)

    This tip comes with the caveat that it’s not always possible, but people generally enjoy reading posts written from a human perspective. Including your voice as a writer in the title can really help engage readership.

    For instance, which of these is more engaging?

    Jordan’s Top 10 Tips to the Best Summer Ever


    10 Ways to Have a Better Summer

    2. A Little Bit of Sarcasm Goes a Long Way

    Tread this line lightly and with great tact and your readers will click. Over do it and you run the risk of turning off readers who don’t immediately understand the subtext of your headline. Here at IMA, our second most popular blog post of all time is titled, “The 25 Best Internet Memes of All Time.”  Which leads us to my next point…

    3. Have Fun With It

    Blogs are not required reading—that’s important to remember. Just like billboards, headline titles have only a brief second to grab your attention, convey a message, and convince you to click. Try to have fun with your headlines without sacrificing your brand’s voice.

    So that’s it, hope this helps your blog become even more magnetic. Now as promised, here are the 25 blog headlines that I came up with for this piece of content:

    1. How Blog Titles are Headlines (and you should write 25)

    2. Blog Titles as Headlines and 3 Ways to do Better

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    5. Why I wrote 25 Blog Titles for this Post

    6. Stop Writing Blog Titles, Start Writing Headlines

    7. 25 Blog Titles, 1 Blog Post

    8. Give up Your Blog Titles, Write Headlines

    9. Blog Titles Suck, Headlines Don’t

    10. 24 Blog Titles Unused

    11. Save Time for the Headline, Forget the Blog Title

    12. How to Stop Writing Blog Titles and Get More Shares

    13. This Blog Has No Title, it has 25

    14. This Blog Has No Title, it has a Headline

    15. Don’t Waste Your Time on Blog Titles

    16. Great Content Requires Great Headlines

    17. Blog Titles Get Skipped, Headlines Get Read

    18. Your Blog Titles Need to Go Away Forever

    19. 0 Blog Titles, 25 Blog Headlines, 1 Post

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    24. Blog Titles are Dead—Headlines are In

    25. Your Blog Titles aren’t Working, Start Writing Headlines


      A Complete Guie to Business Blogging

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