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    The Sunday Night Football Bus Hits The Road

    Posted by Michael Dooley

    NBC’s Social Media Machine On Wheels

    The NFL season kicked off with Sunday Night Football on a Thursday night, with a playoff rematch between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. The Broncos won by a wide margin of 49-27, but the real winner of the night was Sunday Night Football on NBC. SNF has launched a massive social media campaign, allowing NFL fans to follow the SNF Bus as it tours the country each week for the primetime games. The marketing campaign attracts fans with behind-the-scenes images and videos, and live coverage across multiple social media platforms.

    SNF All Access

    The SNF website is now the complete central hub for their social media campaign. The site gives visitors the option to follow each of SNF’s social media accounts, allows them to view SNF photos and behind-the-scenes videos and interviews. The most appealing feature of the site is the live Twitter stream. The feed is segmented into groups to separate streams of tweets and conversations by the SNF on NBC account, NFL expert accounts, official team accounts, and NFL player accounts. On the Follow The SNF portion of the site, fans can track the SNF Bus visually on an interactive map, which shows the locations and matchups for each stop during the season. This section also includes the “Fans of the Week”, these fans get their pictures shared on the SNF site and also have a segmented stream for the Twitter feed on the page.


    • Facebook- Sunday Night Football on NBC already has a huge fan base on Facebook with over one million likes on their page. Prior to the season kickoff game, SNF posted daily NFL pictures with graphic overlays to count down the days until the first game. During the game, SNF posted live pictures with graphic overlays featuring stats and facts. They take advantage of the full Facebook cover photo size to give their fans large, high quality images. SNF also has taken advantage of Facebook’s new hashtag feature, opening up forums for conversation and engagement with their fan base.

    • Twitter- During the game, Twitter is SNF’s main tool for live play-by-play coverage via social media. Live tweets include scoring plays, injury updates, and quotes from analysts and reporters. Fans can follow @SNFonNBC to see their live stream of tweets and also retweets of current and former NFL players and coaches. Also, users can follow the hashtag #SNF to see to full conversation amongst the Twitter universe during the game.
    • Instagram - This account provides a lot of behind-the-scenes coverage and content that fans don’t get to see usually. By taking advantage of Instagram’s new video feature, the SNF crew is able to take short videos on their TV sets, in the broadcast booth, and throughout the stadium. Photos on this account include exclusive shots right on the sideline, both of the action on the field and of the crowd in the stands. SNF also puts Intstagram’s filter features to use, creating alternative and artistic images.

    The SNF Bus’ second stop of the opening week is in Dallas for a rivalry match between the Cowboys and the New York Giants. Fans can expect to see some amazing images posted by the SNF crew of the massive Cowboys Stadium. Also, with the excitement surrounding the first Sunday of the NFL season, there will be an avalanche of fans, celebrities, and athletes joining the conversation on social media. Fantasy football players with their laptops handy during the game will need to open up a few more browser tabs to keep up with all of the action.

    Twitter for Business

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