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    How to Avoid the Many Pitfalls of Link Building

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: Quality, not Quantity

    Every good SEO consultant knows that Google uses backlinks to measure a site’s authority on the web. If your website attracts a lot of links, the chances of ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for specific keywords go up. Quality links will increase your traffic and sales if your site has a good conversion rate.

    Unfortunately, some webmasters fail to realize that quality trumps quantity, and with so many ways to build links it’s easy to employ the wrong strategy and lose your brand’s credibility. Just look at the thousands of webmasters who are still in the process of cleaning up their links in the wake of Google’s algorithm updates last year. Their downfall proves that there are no shortcuts to link building.

    For quality links that last, ditch the poor quality link building strategies and replace them with the effective ones outlined below.

    Publish link-worthy content

    There’s no better way to build links than to publish the type of content that everyone wants to link to. You’ll attract lots of natural links if you provide something of value. That’s means researching your topic, adding depth to your content, and keeping it original. Nobody wants to link to a post that is in no way different to hundreds of similar posts around the web.

    Remember that your content is nothing if no one knows about it. Therefore, it’s important to share your masterpiece after it’s published, and use social sharing buttons for your readers to share it too.

    Get links the legal way

    Google penalties brought an end to link farms and other illegal ways of getting links. Your goal should be to get high quality links to your site - the type of links that will bring you lots of relevant traffic. So why would you spend good money paying for low quality links that could hurt your brand? Submit guest posts to relevant blogs, host a contest, or commission an awesome infographic to attract more links to your site. These are all legitimate ways to get high-quality links that will bring lots of relevant traffic to your website.

    Diversify your anchor texts

    You don’t have to use the same anchor text in your links when you’re targeting specific keywords. In fact, it’s best you don’t do this if you want to avoid penalties. Target other relevant terms in your anchor text, so you’ll get traffic for several terms.

    Link to several pages on your site

    Are you consistently linking to your home page or landing page on your site and leaving out the rest? This is a poor strategy for several reasons. First, it means that users have to go searching for the information they need once they land on your site. Apart from that, it reduces your site’s deep link ratio, so the other relevant pages won’t rank well in the search engines. In your link building, link to several pages on your website to help your visitors and score points with the search engines.

    These are just a few link building techniques you should be using to increase your brand’s visibility in the search engines and get more traffic. There are many other techniques you can use. Whatever you do, stick to search engine approached techniques, and the results of your link building efforts will last a lifetime.

    Author Bio: Jennifer Watts is a marketing analyst who enjoys sharing her know-how on the Web. You can find her articles mainly on online business and marketing websites. You can visit www.webhostingreviews.ca to read the latest web host reviews.

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