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    How to Start Business Blogging: 7 Prompts to Jumpstart Creativity

    Posted by Jordan White

    7 Ways to Boost Your Blogging Creativity

    No matter how intelligent, insightful, or talented any given writer is, each one fears the blank page more than just about anything else. The difference between people who love writing and people who hate writing is that the former group understands the necessity of staring at the blankness for long enough for the ideas to stew.

    A huge part of the Inbound Marketing approach involves blogging as a tool to engage your professional community and showcase your expertise. In short, blogging is a way to build community, which helps build business.

    That said, most business professionals don’t believe they have the time to blog and that is why I am here today to stir the pot and awaken your inner Hemingway. In fairness, we’re not looking for poetic genius. We’re looking for good content from your particular field.


    Also, don’t be afraid to write from a personal perspective. Even with business blogging, it’s important to understand that people are driven to content that’s personal and original. Your blog is the place to talk about your experiences. Here are 7 tips for helping jumpstart your blogging creativity. 


    1.  “My Business is like/different than the NFL in…”

    A great way to get into business blogging is to take your area of expertise and apply it to something else you’re passionate about. Sports are a great platform for communication because of their huge viewership. Feel free to change the sport.

    2. “I got to where I am today by…”

    More than interest in the company, your readers are interested in you. Giving a snapshot of your professional experiences is a great way to shed light on your expertise while also giving your readers some funny backstories on your career.

     3. “The best things to do in [insert your business city] are…”  

    Personalization, personalization, personalization.  Telling your readers about your city not only grounds your writing, but it also gives you a great starting point for blogging.

     4. “My best organizational tool is…”

    Business professionals are constantly on the search for organizational tools. Without giving away industry secrets, you can share tools with your peers and they might just share tools with you back.

     5. “On my off days I…”

    Not every post should be business related. This is especially true for professionals whose job requires a great deal of secrecy. While giving away your educated professional opinion (think broad strokes) is a great way to build a committed following, talking about your golf game can do wonders for your traffic.

     6. “Social media is having ________ effect on my industry…”

    Social media has changed the way that people all around the world are doing business. A great way to break into the conversation would be talk about the way that social media is impacting your industry. If you don’t know how it’s impacting your business, then consider this the perfect opportunity to find out.

     7. “10 Things I wish I knew when I started out are…”

    Lists in general are a great way to organize your thoughts (look at how many we have on our site!), and this is a particularly popular subject right now. You have the ability to be as formal or personal as possible and this is probably a topic you’ve thought about before. Sharing your knowledge with others builds brand credibility.

    Feel free to use these topics or pull ideas from any of our other posts. If you have any questions about business blogging, feel free to contact us.


    Also be sure to comment with a link to your blog if you use one of these topics and let us know how it goes! 

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