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    5 NFL Players with Powerful Twitter Accounts

    Posted by Michael Dooley

    Social Media All-Stars 

    The NFL hype machine has grown larger than ever. The moment a player like Tom Brady twists an ankle, Twitter explodes in response. Elite NFL players inherit social media attention without much effort on their own part. But even the players not making national headlines, have the ability to use social media to build a brand. Similar to small to medium sized businesses, these NFL players can use platforms like Twitter to create a brand identity, expand their audience and easily engage their community. Highlighted here are some NFL players who didn't play in the Pro Bowl last season, with powerful Twitter accounts.

    1. Reggie Bush

    best NFL Twitter

    • Team: Detroit Lions

    • Handle: @ReggieBush

    • Followers: 2,817,499

    • Klout Score: 85.3

    Reggie Bush is the most followed NFL player on an active roster, despite never making a Pro Bowl selection. In comparison, Bush has more than triple the followers than reigning MVP Adrian Peterson. A large portion of Bush’s following was due to him dating Kim Kardashian, but he has kept his personal life out of the headlines the last few years. So despite having minimal on-field success and no more tabloid distractions, why is Bush’s Twitter following so strong?

    The answer is because Reggie knows how to use Twitter effectively. Bush is one of the newest members of the Detroit Lions, but is already using his Twitter account to connect with the fan base and community. Bush does a great job of live tweeting major sports events and news, broadcasting his opinions on things relevant to his followers. He also engages his fans very well, openly responding to mentions and encouraging feedback from his Twitter community. Reggie Bush’s Twitter personality reflects an image that appeals to fans, he’s approachable, friendly, and humble.

    2. Ray Rice

    best NFL Twitter accounts

    • Team: Baltimore Ravens

    • Handle: @RayRice27

    • Followers: 497,261

    • Klout Score: 84.6

    Ray Rice has to be feeling pretty good as a defending Super Bowl champion, which kept him out of the Pro Bowl despite being selected. His Twitter account is all-star caliber though, now becoming the most followed player on the Ravens after the departure of Ray Lewis. Rice’s Twitter specialty is pictures, sending out multiple Twitpics on a daily basis. Pictures tweeted by Rice range from shameless selfies, to inspirational quotes, funny memes, and the various places and events Rice visits. The reason this makes Rice’s Twitter account effective is his fans are able to live vicariously through the pictures he posts.

    3. Stevie Johnson

    best NFL twitter accounts

    • Team: Buffalo Bills

    • Handle: @StevieJohnson13

    • Followers: 614,595

    • Klout Score: 81.6

    Stevie Johnson approaches Twitter a little differently than most NFL athletes. Instead of having a background with team colors and logos, or a cover photo with an action shot on the field, Johnson has the anti-Twitter account. His background is solid black and his cover photo is artistic and non-descript. This style carries over into Johnson’s tweets, which usually lack hashtags or mentions to other accounts. Johnson often tweets his own thoughts, philosophies, or inspirational quotes, without any attribution or intention. However his followers respond in large numbers to these tweets, favoriting and retweeting them.

    4. Maurice Jones-Drew

    best NFL twitter accounts

    • Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Handle: @Jones_Drew32

    • Followers: 369,399

    • Klout Score: 85.7

    Maurice Jones-Drew has a personality that works well for the social network. MJD is very active away from the field, participating in and promoting many events, charities, and organizations. His activity can be seen through his retweets of other players and official organization accounts. MJD also engages in regular conversation with other NFL players on Twitter, which opens him up to be found by fan bases outside his own team.

    5. Nick Barnett

    best NFL twitter accounts

    • Team: Washington Redskins

    • Handle: @NickBarnett

    • Followers: 392,339

    • Klout Score: 66.3

    Nick Barnett was cut this offseason by the Buffalo Bills and found a new home with the Washington Redskins. Since joining the Redskins, Barnett has kept his Twitter following up by using hashtags effectively. By using the hashtag #HTTR (Hail to the Redskins) on a daily basis, Barnett was able to attract new followers from his new team’s fan base. Despite being released by the Bills, Barnett still showed the team some love with a tweet including the hashtag #BillsMafia. The move by Barnett was a classy one, avoiding burning the bridge with Bills fans and instigating any Twitter backlash.

     What are your favorite pro athletes to follow on Twitter?

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