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    HubSpot Announces the First Content Optimization System at #Inbound13

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Dynamic Inbound Marketing

    It’s hard to top the excitement of the world’s largest inbound marketing conference, complete with star keynote speeches by Seth Godin and Ariana Huffington, but HubSpot did just that. This morning in Boston, IMA’s partner, HubSpot announced the release of the world’s first-ever content optimization system (COS), a dramatic departure from traditional content management systems (CMS). HubSpot Co-Founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan announced these changes to a packed crowd of close to 6,000 marketing professionals and HubSpot partner agencies at the Hynes Convention Center. It isn’t sufficient to say the reaction was just positive. HubSpot users and inbound marketing professionals were blown away. HubSpot’s all-new COS will change the face of marketing forever:

    Inbound marketing was so last year. HubSpot is now in the business of helping people create an inbound experience. Your customers don't distinguish between marketing and sales, so your company doesn't need to either, with the help of the new COS.

    hubspot COS

    What is a Content Optimization System?

    hubspot cos

    A COS is an integrated website, blog and landing page system which recognizes the unique needs of website visitors, and creates a custom-generated experience for each visitor. The system is mobile-optimized with the help of responsive web design, works to fully integrate every marketing channel, and easily adaptable to meet the changes needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Users of the COS can enjoy the following features:

    • Responsive Web Design to Meet the Needs of a Changing Mobile Market

    • Integrated Content, Social, and Email Marketing for a Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Strategy

    • Personalized Content Based on Website Visitor Behavior and History

    • Social Search Optimization, With the Help of Automatic Google Authorship Tagging.

    • Super-Fast Website Loading

    In simpler terms, HubSpot’s COS leverages the concept of dynamic content to provide the right messaging to the right people, at the right time. Think of Amazon’s product recommendation engine, one of the best-known examples of dynamic content. The website compiles insights about your interest and demographics in a centralized database, and makes personalized recommendations based on your browsing habits and purchase history. Dynamic content is an incredible tool for creating a relevant experience for each visitor to your website.

    Based on their interests and lead conversion history, you can provide custom-tailored articles, calls-to-action, and opportunities for re-conversion. “HubSpot’s new COS is a game changer for marketers and business owners.  HubSpot users will now have the ability to customize content delivery on their website’s. This means the content on your homepage can be customized for a prospect and then show different content to an existing customer enhancing the buying experience for each segment” said Bill Faeth, CEO of Inbound Marketing Agents.

    Improved Social Listening

    Social media marketing is far more effective if you aren’t just publishing content, but you’re taking the time to listen to your prospects and customers, too. HubSpot’s new COS also includes an all-new social inbox tool, which blends the powerful monitoring capabilities of the world’s best social media management platforms with HubSpot’s convenient content promotion capabilities. You can set up custom streams based on keywords and even leads in your sales funnel, and easily utilize your content assets to respond to customer and prospect queries in HubSpot’s new social inbox.  The new social inbox also provides the ability to nurture your leads for a specific campaign via social channels instead of the traditional email flow. 

    IMA got a special sneak preview of social inbox. Check out how easy it is to listen in on conversations about the Inbound Conference:

    HubSpot COS

    Signals for Sales

    The nature of sales has changed significantly with the advent of inbound marketing. Sales people rarely engage with consumers during the early research stages, as customers have become more reliant on Google search for answers to their basic product or service questions. HubSpot recently acquired Signals, a powerful app for lead qualifying which helps sales professionals focus their energy based on human behavior. Key features of the app include:

    • Lead Revisit Notifications

    • Email Open Notifications

    • SFDC Email Open Notifications

    • LinkedIn Integration

    The app works with both Gmail and Outlook, and is optimized with a "watch" feature for one-click lead tracking. With a motto of “sell more, annoy less,” using Signals allows sales teams to determine which prospects are actively engaging with your emails and website, so you can focus on closing leads with appropriate budget, authority, time, and need for your product. 

    In case you’re wondering, IMA-ers are thrilled for the opportunity to utilize HubSpot’s new COS to create marketing people love. For more info or a demo, feel free to contact us.

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