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    8 Inbound Marketing Tips From the Best Memes Ever

    Posted by Richard Foshee

    Truth in Visual Content

    Who doesn't love a good meme? IMA-ers certainly do, which is why we've been known to compile running lists of the best memes ever, and even create proprietary memes of staff from time to time (all in good fun) of course. Memes leverage humor and shared experiences to make an instantaneous connection with an audience, making them an amazingly easy and cheap marketing tool. However, I recently got to thinking and realized something pretty mind-blowing. Not only are memes an amazing tool for marketing, some of the most-popular images which have taken social media by storm also have a lot of wisdom for your inbound marketing strategy. Join us as we count down some of the sharpest advice we encountered:

    1. Does Your Website Pass the Blink Test?

    inbound marketing memes

    Web and email users only spend about 10-20 seconds per page or email. If your content can't get to the point or impress in 1/6 of a minute, the chances skyrocket that they'll bounce off your website and head to your competitor. You better get to the point... quick!

    2. You Will Survive

    inbound marketing memes

    Don't count an underperforming campaign as a total loss. Analyze your marketing data, revise and relaunch for beautiful results.

    3. The World Needs Kittens, Too

    inbound marketing memes

    Don't try to be larger than you are. Focus on what makes your product or service different instead of the appearance of size.

    4. No Shenanigans

    inbound marketing memes

    Marketing gimmicks are just that.... CRAP. People don't love companies with marketing gimmicks. Focus on creating marketing people love, and keep your messaging honest and straight-to-the-point. Your prospects will appreciate it.

    5. Blog More

    inbound marketing memes

    Even a little blogging will get you a lot more. Businesses who blog 1-2 times a month got 70% more leads than companies without a blog. If you're already blogging, data indicates there could be significant benefit to creating more content.

    6. Take Risks

    inbound marketing memes

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, take risks on social media. The rewards are great and even if you don't get it quite right, the internet is quick to forget.

    7. Don't Be an Interruption Marketer

    inbound marketing memes

    There are a reason people (EVERYONE) hates commercials and infomercials. They are loud, obnoxious and intrusive. Give your marketing efforts value instead of volume!

    8. Don't Ignore People

    inbound marketing memes

    Don't ignore your social followers, regardless if they are promotors are dissenters. Engage everyone active on your social network and don't try filter out the negative responses to make your self look better. It WILL backfire.

    What are your favorite memes of all time?

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