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    5 Big Brands that are Totally Winning at YouTube

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Visual Content Domination

    Companies are definitely learning the value of YouTube, with more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month; the social media tool has become a critical part of marketing and business strategy.  YouTube offers companies the ability to give customers a virtual tour and inside look at their business, an opportunity to build credibility with their audience by offering visually engaging content and the option to drive more traffic to a company website with very little investment. In a recent social media study by Burson-Marsteller, YouTube showed the largest growth in corporate social media use jumping from 39 percent to 79 percent in the last year. Companies are embracing video and multimedia marketing and here are five examples of companies that have very compelling YouTube profiles and why they are shining examples of multimedia marketing.

    Blendtec – Spokesperson

    With nearly 200 million channel views and 100 video uploads, Blendtec, the food blender manufacturing company has skyrocketed their company celebrity status by putting company owner Tom Dickson at the forefront. Dickson started on YouTube by making a series of simple home videos blending things like CD’s, iPhones and other random objects and the videos eventually went viral. Now, the company features their spokesperson in every video with the tagline, “Will It Blend?” Consistently utilizing Dickson in nearly every video, the company has managed to connect with their customers and humanize the Blendtec brand. YouTube is a community with real people and Blendtec is making a powerful connection to their customers by putting a consistent face with their product.

    Zappos – Interactive

    As the top online shoe retailer out there, Zappos continues to take the lead among others in the social media world and their use of YouTube is no different. Customers are attracted to the storylines, the catchy jingles in the background of every video and the interactive components. In every video, customers can virtually shop each video clicking on their favorite items. This interactive feature drives the customers directly back to the company website to make a purchase. Zappos does it right by making people apart of their business and giving them the ultimate when it comes to customer service. Try out the snapshot feature on their video shopping link in the video below.

    Home Depot – Engaging and Valuable Content

    Consumers go to YouTube for many reasons, but one in particular reason is for a “how-to-do” video that offers customers a solution. The Home Depot makes this easy with very little advertising. With over 100 uploaded videos and only a few commercials they are consistently providing valuable content, helping to educate their customers about home improvement staying authentic and relevant to their target audience and their message. They keep their videos simple, well narrated and not over-the top giving customers a trusted expert and a consistent brand similar to their TV commercials. In the end they are also able to reinforce their slogan and sell tools and products.

    GEICO – Storytelling in 30 seconds

    Car insurance company GEICO is carrying their quirky and creative content over to their YouTube channel. The company’s creative storylines are engaging and captivating and GEICO is making sure to keep each video right around 30 seconds. With so much marketing online, it is getting harder and harder to keep the attention of consumers. Tubemogul is a service that measures how online videos are being viewed. In a report published in 2008, their study showed that half the audience viewership is gone by the 60-second mark with 10% of users clicking away from the content after just 10 seconds. GEICO is right on track, they get to the point in 30 seconds and still manage to create a unique story line and reinforce the message of their brand in every video.

    Coca-Cola – Tools for Audience Building

    Coca-Cola, a long-standing brand with a large following maintains their reputation as a global brand. With multimedia-marketing, the company is tapping into their audience by posting videos in several different languages, staying true to the company’s “it’s everywhere” message. By translating their videos into multiple languages, Coca-Cola is driving up the number of YouTube views and subscribers, making their videos globally accessible and increasing their audience reaching more people around the world.


    What are some major - or small - brands with a YouTube presence you love?

    image credit: winnond/freedigitalphotos.net

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