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    7 Brands That Use Instagram Videos Effectively

    Posted by Bill Faeth

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    This summer, the popular photo-sharing social network app Instagram introduced its newest feature—videos. Now not only can Instagrammers post pictures of delicious food, cute kittens and puppies, beautiful vacation spots, or gratuitous selfies, but they can also add videos to their repertoire. Instagram now allows and encourages its users to post 15-second, customizable videos. “Why?” you might ask. YouTube already allows longer, high-quality videos, and marketers have done great things with that. Well, for starters, not everyone has time to click on and watch shared YouTube videos, let alone time to make and edit them. The 15-second Instagram video caters to the very busy or those of us cursed with short attention spans. To add to the convenience of shooting such a short video, you can also add Instagram’s trademark filters to your videos, giving them that vintage charm, making colors pop, or simply turning them into black and white classics. Now that Video on Instagram has caught on (and it did so very quickly!), several brands have beat their competition to the punch, setting an example that others will surely follow. Let’s take a look at a few of these brands and just how they’re blazing rails in this new feature.


    Due out in August, Jobs is a biopic about Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher. The film’s production studio, Open Road Films (II), was the first in the movie industry to create a trailer specifically for Video on Instagram. Since the film tells the story of one of the most famed pioneers in technology and communication, it seems quite fitting that it would be the first to use a new application to release a movie trailer. Steve Jobs would be proud. 


    Because it is a network that has always been geared toward younger audiences, MTV is really into social media and always finds interesting ways to use it during some of its most watched programs, the Video Music Awards and the MTV Movie Awards. During these live shows, social media posts spill over with hashtags and topics related to the various awards, performances, and inevitable stunts. This year, MTV announced its list of Video Music Award nominees using a series of witty Instagram videos. 

    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

    As if a picture of delicious, decadent ice cream isn’t enough to make your mouth water, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams posts videos of the processes that go into making those mouthwatering treats. Think world’s shortest cooking show. Videos posted on the account include snippets of flavors being mixed together, macarons being piped, and berries being boiled for Jeni’s specialty goodies.


    Trendy retailer Anthropologie has taken advantage of Instagram videos by posting mini lookbooks and digital window-shopping trips. Consumers have been able to shop virtually from the comfort of their couches for a long time now, but Anthropologie’s videos give their customers an instant look into what’s new in stores right in the Instagram app. If you are out and about and wondering whether a trip to the Anthropologie on the other side of town is worth it, simply click on the store’s Instagram profile and take a look at what’s available in the shop.


    Ford Motor Company is using Instagram videos to take automobile advertising from the traditional beauty shot to a more interactive form of advertising. For example, one video on Ford’s profile with the description “Inside a Ford Fusion Energi during #fordtrends” does, well, just what its description says. Shot from inside the vehicle, it takes viewers on a short trip that shows off the way the vehicle rides and how quiet the inside of the car is. The company also includes the hashtag for their conference in the video’s blurb, ensuring that Instagrammers who search for posts related to the Ford Trends conference will see each and every video and photo that pertains to that topic.


    Runners and other athletes take shoe shopping very seriously since running shoes have everything to do with performance. Though it might not be wise to purchase serious running shoes on the Internet unless you know exactly how they work for you, Nike posted a quick Instagram video of a person putting on and lacing up the Free Flyknit shoe. While it could be considered a beauty shot, it also gives viewers the chance to watch how the shoe flexes and fits in motion. Nike has also mingled its traditional advertising with Instagram by posting part of a commercial that includes a voicemail number for basketball star Lebron James and urges fans to leave encouraging messages. 


    Lululemon Athletica is a retailer that sells workout apparel and gear with an accent on yoga and running. In their first Instagram video, Lululemon did a great job of showing what they’re all about without actually pushing their product. The video features a woman doing yoga in different places, though as the background changes, her routine is seamless and flowing. It evokes the peaceful “oneness” that yoga is supposed to provide.

    If you’re like me, you probably do not have the patience to sit around and watch Internet videos, no matter how funny or engaging they are touted to be. While scrolling through my Instgram feed, however, I’m more likely to spare 15 seconds to watch what promises to be an interesting clip. If it’s not, then I don’t feel like I have wasted time like I sometimes feel with longer Internet videos. Smart brands know this and, whether they knew they were doing so or not, have accounted for my demographic. Though Instagram videos are fairly new, the brands above already have it all figured out, proving yet again that there’s something to be said for being the early bird in social media networking. 

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