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    Ignoring Pinterest Could Be a Recipe for Disaster

    Posted by Jen Barry

    Pinterest Offers Sweet Rewards for Your Business

    We don’t deny it; Pinterest has a reputation for the silly and unnecessary. Where do you go to get recipes for organic pancakes or homemade Nutella? Pinterest. Where do you go to get ideas for decorating your small bathroom? Pinterest. Where do you go to see the latest fashion for hipsters? Pinterest. Where do you go… Well, we all get the picture. As a social media platform, Pinterest has gained users at a breakneck speed, and many of those subscribers are just there to have a little fun. For this reason, ignoring this powerful tool comes all too easily. If you’ve decided the “niche” social media network just isn’t for you, we’ve got a new recipe for you.

    Take 70 Million Users…

    Sure, 70 million looks like chump change next to the 500 million of Google+ and the 1 billion-plus users of Facebook, but it’s still 70 MILLION USERS. That’s 70 million people who check in on a regular basis to see those organic pancakes recipes or bathroom designs. If given something substantial to look at—say, goods and services from your company—those 70 million could be potential customers. Bet that got your attention.

    Throw in Super-Fast Growth

    According to TechCrunch, which shares data collected by comScore, Pinterest recently set the record for number of unique visits to a standalone site in the shortest amount of time. That number? 10 million. The time? 9 months. What does that mean for your business? Well, if you’re not on Pinterest, it means you just missed out on 11.7 possible views.

    Not only is it growing quickly, people are hanging around longer than on most other social media sites. comScore says the average user spends 98 minutes per month on Pinterest, with Tumblr users besting that with 2.5 hours, and Facebook users topping everything with 7 hours.

    Add a Dash of E-Commerce…

    Believe it or not, Facebook just can’t hold a candle to Pinterest’s selling power. In fact, according to a recent study by Gigya, Pinterest captures 41% of the e-commerce traffic, while Facebook trails at 37%. If you’re not using the social media platform to show off your company’s products, you’re missing out on a huge audience.

    Not only does this site bring in more online shoppers, but those shoppers are ready to spend. The average spender might spend up to $80 on Facebook, but that average nearly doubles for purchases on Pinterest. Shoppers who use the site to find products are likely to spend up to $180 every time they shop, according to RichRelevance. That means two things: People buy from Pinterest, and they buy two times as much.

    And Bake with Relevance 

    According to Piqora, the life span of pinned images on Pinterest can last up to forty days. The most traffic, 70% to be exact, comes within the first two days, but when other social media platforms have moved on to new content, the pinned items in Pinterest can be found and clicked for days. The reason for this is the searchable aspect of Pinterest—meaning Google searches may turn up items from several days ago.

    Also, the boards on Pinterest have infinite scrolling capabilities. That means users don’t need to click for a new page or even reformulate search criteria. Simply scrolling until they see what they want means older pins are seen much more often than older posts on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, Facebook just goes ahead and hides posts that have been present for several days. How can you be sure people find what they need on your business site if your posts are being hidden?

    As you can see, Pinterest is a far cry from the silly little recipe book you thought it was. Those fashions pinned on the daily are flying off the virtual shelves as companies link the images to business e-commerce sites. The bathroom decorating ideas all link back to the stores, which in turn do amazing amounts of business from Pinners searching for beautiful things they just can’t find with a regular Google search. And your company is missing out on the profits.

    It’s not too late. A social media network growing at this rate is still just beginning. You can have your cake and eat it, too, by signing your business up right now. Start sharing your sweet deals and see what all the fuss is about.

    photo credit: jm2c via photopin cc


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