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    How to Zest Up Your Blog to Show Off Your Personality

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: Give Your Content Marketing a Boost

    Way back when, when content writing was somewhat of new territory for you, you may have felt a little timid and shy.  Careful not to make any blogging faux pas, chances are that when you started out, you played it on the safer side of things.

    However, now that you’ve captured an audience and may have even received signs of life on the other side, you may start to think: How can I make this better?

    It’s true; the web is saturated with blogs and “expert” advice to go along with it.  Luckily, this is one of those cases where Mom’s advice trumps the rest: Just be yourself.

    Stellar content creation will still require you to put out action-oriented work to your readers, while adding your own unique flavor into the mix.  Read on to determine effective ways to zest some of your personality into your blog.

    First Things First: Fear is Normal

    Being yourself can seem easier said than done.  Many content creators make the mistake of assuming that their output should be flawless.  Yes, your blog content should be appropriate and free of typos and errors, but no reader is expecting a perfect person behind the keyboard.

    Being yourself means being authentic and true to your own personal pitfalls.  Ironically, airing your flaws and struggles to your readers is a great way to open up while giving them a sneak peak into the unique qualities that make-up wonderful, irreplaceable you.

    Let Your Readers In

    The next time you approach a new post, consider letting your readers in on your thoughts and inspiration.  Ask yourself: Why am I writing an article on this topic? What made me think of this topic? Is there a memory or past experience that’s tied to the motivation to write this post?

    Introduce your post with your own unique perspective.  Share a story that not only ties into the theme but also draws readers in.  Incidentally, this engaging aspect of personal narrative will help your readers make a connection with not just your blog, but also its author. 

    Get Emotional

    Business blogging may not seem like the best place to share your feelings, but there is no denying that an appropriate amount of added emotion can catch readers’ attentions and keep them.

    Think about the emotional touchstones (inspired, excited, hopeful) you want to stir up in your readers and keep those emotions at the forefront of your mind while you write.  Examples and specific vocabulary can paint a picture that allows people to connect while being moved.

    Show Them Where You Stand

    While it is important to showcase multiple perspectives and multifaceted ideas that does not mean you cannot share with readers where you personally stand on an issue.  Showcase your personality by explaining your reasons for taking a certain side on a topic.

    As mentioned, showcasing other viewpoints will still be crucial if you want to continue putting out an informed and well-rounded blog.  However, by adding your personal input you may encourage more readers to engage with the post, leave comments and share their own perspectives too.

    Shy Away From “Stock”

    While stock photos are an easy and convenient way to add visuals to your posts, they in no way highlight the unique aspects of you.  Try switching things up by interjecting your own original photos and captions when appropriate. 

    Also, do not discount the other popular forms of media at your disposal.  Videos are a huge way to impact your audience, as are infographics.  The idea is to keep things evolving, which will keep readers interested and engaged.  Moves like these will surely add some personality to your posts while giving readers a greater sense of insight into you.

    What other ways can you zest some of your personality into your blog?


    kelly gregorio blogging for businessAbout the author: Kelly Gregorio writes about topics that affect small businesses and entrepreneurs while working at Advantage Capital Funds, a provider of merchant cash advances. You can read her daily business blog here.




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