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    Announcing An Introduction to Google+ for Business

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Download Our Free EBook Filled with Google+ Tips

    Google+ has over 500 million registered users, and more than 925,000 people sign up for a Google+ account every day. If you’re not using Google+ as a tool for your business, you’re clearly missing out. This isn’t just a social network—it’s quickly becoming the best way for businesses to market online. The potential reach is staggering, giving anyone with a Google+ account the ability to reach out to millions of potential customers. Not only is outreach a huge benefit, but Google+ also makes it possible for potential customers to find businesses through search.

    Take Advantage of SEO Benefits

    Did you know your company’s Google+ profile could show up in search results? With the constant push toward quality content on the Internet, particularly from Google, any chance you have to appear on the first few pages of a Google search result is a win for your company. By using a Google+ profile to share content and explain your company’s motivations, you give your business one more way to dominate in search engine optimization.

    Easy Integration Comes Standard

    Google has made using the Google+ tool so easy for businesses. Have you noticed the navigation bar in other Google services? Users can easily share and spread information by simply clicking a button. How easy is it? Easy enough that the +1 button is clicked 5 billion times per day. No need to navigate away from any given page to notify followers of your business’s activities, products, and services. News can be shared among various circles more quickly than ever before. Are you already taking advantage of this? If not, it’s time to start.

    Expanded Customization Possibilities

    Many other social network platforms have rigid layouts and customization regulations. While Facebook does offer sharing amongst friends, family, and customer lists, customizing your lists is time consuming and quite limited. Google+, with its advanced Circles feature, allows you to create your own audience for each and every post. It’s easier than ever to share content with particular buyer personas without oversaturating your Google+ followers. By creating your own Circles, you can hit your target audience every time.

    Create Multimedia Learning Possibilities

    One of the most exciting features of Google+ is the Hangout. This chat option allows you to open your business to questions from customers in real time. Schedule live chats with your followers to share new products and services, and then sit back and revel in the number of people who show up to learn about your company. Other social media platforms may also offer chat capabilities, but with Google’s integration with YouTube, sharing multi-media presentations has never been easier. You can create a whole learning experience with music, video, images, and text, all in one place and at one time. The possibilities really are endless.

    What You’ll Learn

    Maybe you’ve tried Google+ but just couldn’t get the hang of it. If that’s the case, this eBook is exactly what you need to get started and back on track. You’ll learn:

    • How to set up your Google+ business page
    • Marketing best practices with Google+
    • The benefits Google+ offers in searches
    • Segmenting your contacts with Google+ Circles and why it’s important
    • How to use the +1 button on your blog

    Download Your Free EBook Now

    You can’t take advantage of this powerful tool if you don’t know how to use it. Even if you’ve been a Google+ user for a while, this eBook will show you features you may be missing. Download this FREE eBook so you can start using Google+ features for your business. The ease of use, power of the platform, and results for your marketing efforts are undeniable.



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