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    Creating Die-Hard Advocates for Your Brand

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    How to Get Vocal Supporters and Keep Them

    The majority of people in the business world, especially those trying to increase their brand’s visibility, understand the value of garnering devoted brand advocates. When we say “brand advocates” we mean people who really, really love what you do, love your products, use and depend on your services and have a continual relationship with your brand. It’s these kinds of followers that translate to an unbeatable presence, in both social media platforms and word-of-mouth campaigning from pleased customers.

    But how exactly do you create these die-hard lovers of all things your brand does and represents? How do you inspire casual users of your product of service to make the effort to tell others about what you do? Anyone can make a product that works or offer a service that gets results. But are there customers advocates? Here’s a list of tips for turning casual customers into dedicated brand advocates.

    Engage Them

    Social media platforms are the absolute best way to reach and engage your customers the right way. Building a brand personality and controlling the content that reaches your potential customers is the key to creating brand advocates. What are some easy ways to engage your customers via social media and thus up your chances of creating those brand-fans who are devoted and likely to spread good words about your product or service?

    Pinpoint Your Customers

    If you don’t know who is likely to need or want your product or service, you can’t exactly connect to them via a social media platform. Find out where your customers are engaging, whether it’s Twitter ®, Facebook ®, Tumblr ®, or another popular social networking site, and cater to them. Do your best to figure out what is interesting to them and how to incorporate your brand into something that engages those interests. For example, doing research on the most buzzworthy news stories being shared among millenials might help you pinpoint the mindset of your customers and thus more efficiently interact with them through social media.

    Post Relevant Content

    Whether its memes, blogs, pictures, or interesting news articles, an easy way to bring your customers in and get them truly interested in your brand is to post content you know they want to look at. Once you know they’re looking at your content, you can start building their loyalty to you. And don’t forget the value of an authoritative voice. Pay attention to the tone that your social media posts take; if you don’t sound like an authority on your own business, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to inspire a casual customer into brand advocacy. Brands that have advocates are brands that function under an authoritative and informed voice.

    Another rather large element of posting truly relevant content is a knowledge of when and how to mix up the types of content you post. Don’t bombard your customers with meme after meme and never offer them any solid reading or buzzworthy news articles. Likewise, too much of the cerebral will get boring. So you have to be able to switch hit to keep people engaged with your brand.

    Make Your Customers Feel Courted

    In every sense of the word, you have to make your customers feel special; otherwise, they’ll never become a brand advocate. Why? Because your product hasn’t made a personal impact, and thus hasn’t affected your customers as people, rather than just a set of dollars in the bank. Connecting to your customers and potential customers as people is the first step to making them feel comfortable advocating for and supporting your brand, openly and zealously.

    So how exactly do you make your customers feel really, truly courted? Give them preferential treatment, of course. Pinpointing the customers who have the potential to become brand advocates is the first step. Find the people who follow your brand on all of their social media outlets, engage you on Twitter and share things that your company posts on Facebook. Reward them for their interest in what you do by offering discounts, freebies, and promotional items. Make certain that they feel appreciated and paid attention to. When a customer feels personally taken care of by a company and feels they’ve been given an inside track into enjoying that company’s products, they’re more likely to spread the word so that their friends and family can enjoy the same perks.

    However you feel about your brand’s potential to acquire true advocates, the power of social media to pinpoint your target customer base and engage them in a way that feels personal is monumental. By using the power of social media, you provide your brand with the opportunity to gain a group of serious supporters who believe in your product or service and believe that everyone needs to know about the benefits it offers. 

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