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    What Happens When Google Goes Down? Chaos!

    Posted by Jason Williams

    The Best Tweets During This Morning’s Google Apocalypse

    It was a seemingly normal July Wednesday morning for most people in the Southeast when all of a sudden, Google went down. Yes, THE Google. Reports of people having trouble with Google started flooding in around 8:30am on Twitter from Nashville, Atlanta, and the two Carolinas. The hashtag #GoogleDown began to overwhelm the Twitter universe with some very clever tweets (although most were boring).  Here are the best tweets we’ve seen so far:

    #GoogleDown but I’m still not using Bing

    We will never forget 7/10!!  #GoogleDown

    #GoogleDown – D*mn you Snowden

    #GoogleDown sounds like a lil Wayne rap song

    Oh gawd, I just used Bing.  I can’t catch something from only using it once right? #GoogleDown

    Matt Cutts just took the Bing-It-On Challenge #GoogleDown

    Ok, I’m going to go buy bread and milk now! #GoogleDown

    The National Guard and FEMA have just been dispatched to the SouthEast #GoogleDown

    My children will tell their children about the horrors I’ve faced today #GoogleDown

    #GoogleDown ok, Thank God!, I’m the new IT guy and its my first day..

    Damn you North Korea #GoogleDown

    I will always remember where I was the day Google went down #NeverForget #GoogleDown

    How do I get to Bing? I always go through Google.  #GoogleDown

    #GoogleDown  Time to start building an ARC.  Wait, how do I build an ARC? #GoogleHelp

    #GoogleKansas has just disappeared completely #GoogleDown

    Prayer: Dear God, can you please help all the needy children in the world after you restore Google #GoogleDown

    Great!  First we have #GoogleDown next come the Zombies

     #Google goes down and my first thought is to check Twitter.  #PoorBing #GoogleDown

    Hey does anyone know how underwear works? Also, where are my keys? #GoogleDown

    George Clooney is probably trying to gchat me right now looking for a new girlfriend and I’m missing it. Thanks alot #GoogleDown

    Don’t mind me, I’m just the IT guy in the closet slitting my wrists #GoogleDown

    I blame Paula Dean #GoogleDown

    The people from #DoomsDayPreppers have just grabbed their Bug out bags #GoogleDown

    Do you think they’ll put Joseph Gordon Levitt as the star of the #GoogleDown movie? I like him as an actor.

    Please be patient while we download all of your data from google.  Sincerely, the NSA.  #GoogleDown

    The team at #Bing are now frantically baking cakes for the #Google team #GoogleDown

    #GoogleDown – check – TinFoil hat – check

    I set up #GoogleAlerts to alert me if something like this ever happened #Fail  #GoogleDown

    Hey cool, I didn’t know Yahoo still existed #googledown

    #GoogleDown will be the sequel to #WhiteHouseDown

    In other news, Encyclopedia sales skyrocket today #GoogleDown

    Are the people that use #GoogleGlass all blind right now?  #Googledown

    This is why I keep carrier pigeons around! #SeeImNotCrazy #googledown

    When aliens do attack they will simply take out google.  Where are Bill Pullman and Will Smith? #GoogleDown

    Well, Google is back up and running.  Get back to work and stop yelling at your IT guy.  We all survived, and I’m having T-shirts made. 

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    photo credit: Sarabbit via photopin cc

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