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    Reviewing the 3 Best Mobile Marketing Tools

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: Making the Most of Mobile Marketing

    Chances are you won’t be able to pick up a publication this week or for the rest of the year that won’t remind you how important mobile marketing is for business in 2013 and beyond. And for once, it’s with very good reason. A recent study carried out in the US concluded that well over 35% of all web surfing now happens via mobile devices, and it’s no secret how much money folk are spending online.

    Just to bolster the point even further, Google’s own research discovered that a massive 67% of consumers expressed their preference for buying from sites that are easily and fully accessible from mobile devices.

    Roughly translated, advice that ignoring mobile marketing is a bad idea is starting to become the understatement of the decade—it’s the biggest thing since sliced bread and is only getting bigger by the day.

    So, with this in mind, here’s a rundown of a few tools and tips for making the most of the mobile marketing revolution while it’s still anyone’s game:

    QR Codes

    For any business that owns and operates both a website and a physical premises, it’s so important not to forget to promote the online arm of the business to physical customers. Chances are you’re missing out on hundreds, maybe thousands of sales if just sitting idly by and allowing the two variants of traffic to exist in separate realms.

    Probably the best way of reaching a good result here is by creating a QR code. Many consumers aren’t won over with the idea of leaving their contact details with a business, and you just know that 99.9% of all business cards and leaflets taken will find their way into the bin without the website having ever been visited. With a QR code, however, it’s an instant means by which to connect physical customers with your online world and direct them to literally any part of your business you desire.

    And feel free to put the QR code anywhere you like that gets plenty of attention. Just don’t make the embarrassing mistake of sending it by email. What use is a QR code to a person already online at the time?

    Facebook Mobile Ads

    Facebook is quickly knocking on the door of 700 million mobile users, and it’s been found that getting on for 50% of all social network users prefer to access their accounts and services via mobile devices. Chances are that any savvy business operating today will already have some kind of Facebook business or marketing page in place, but given the fact that the masses are moving faster and faster toward mobile access as a primary preference, this is exactly where your Facebook marketing efforts should be focused.

    As such, the importance of making all Facebook content easy to access, digest, and engage with via smartphones and Tablet PCs cannot be stated highly enough.

    It is also now perfectly possible to aim all Facebook advertising directly as those accessing the service via mobile.


    And last up for this list at least, Yelp has become one of the most popular and thus important apps for folk on the move. The service chalks up a good 86 million hits every single month from those looking to spend their money in once place or another—most of whom are known to access via mobile.

    Not only is use of Yelp vital for the same of driving traffic, but its feedback/review service is of priceless value for the reputation management that converts said traffic into paying customers.

    Lisa Morton is a UK SEO services specialist for small UK businesses. She is an avid blogger and loves to share her musings with the UK public. 

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