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    Social Media Smackdown: Instagram vs. Vine

    Posted by Katie Marcario

    Make Your Content Marketing Strategy a Video Party

    It seems like every social media tool is trying to compete with one another at all times. First Twitter took the filter idea from Instagram, and then Instagram took the video capability from Vine, and so on and so forth. Every time something like this happens, the thieving platform (whatever it may be) takes the idea a little further, but who will climb to the top of the social media ladder the fastest? Which makes the perfect complement to your content marketing strategy? There really is no way to know since it seems like every few months the next platform surprises us with a new feature that was “stolen” from another.

    I’d like to focus on the most recent scandal of #platformproblems (and, oh hey, maybe we can get that trending on Twitter while we’re at it). Anyway, Instagram vs. Vine—this battle has been a hot topic for days now. That said, let’s compare the two, shall we?


    • 130 million active users
    • Video clips can last up to 15 seconds
    • Capability to delete parts out of your clips
    • There are 13 filters. Yes, thirteen.
    • Each video only plays once
    • Can share via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, foursquare, and email
    • Available on iPhone and Android
    • FREE
    • Facebook’s baby


    • 20 million active users
    • Video clips can be up to 6 seconds long
    • No filters
    • Clips play on a continual playback loop
    • Can share via Facebook and Twitter only
    • Available on iPhone and Android
    • FREE
    • Twitter’s baby

    Now, I’m certainly not saying that one is better than the other. Instagram has an advantage here because the app has been around since October 2010. Vine (as I’m sure you know, unless you live under a rock) has been around since January of this year. So there’s advantage numero uno. Another advantage Instagram has over Vine is that Instagram enables you to edit your videos.

    Vine is certainly a raw version of the video app when compared to Instagram because you can’t delete anything. Vine videos are more realistic. Now, if you’re looking to make perfect little videos, artistic filters and all, Instagram is your jam. If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to click on a video to get it to play a second (or third or fourth) time, Vine is where it’s at. I know; it is so tough to tap your finger on a screen to get a video to play on Instagram. Vine videos can also be embedded into web pages or blogs. This is a major drawback for Instagram.

    Unfortunately, Vine fell from number 2 to number 7 in the app store once Instagram announced the video feature, but that doesn’t mean Vine is reaching the end of its rope and can't be part of your content marketing strategy.

    From a business standpoint, either of these apps could be beneficial. Videos can be used to educate viewers on your product, demonstrate business successes, introduce business personnel, share industry news, tour a business, and so on and so forth. Depending on how you think this video feature can fit in to your marketing strategy, consider which platform is best for you. Can you squeeze all your information into 6 seconds or 15 seconds? Or do you just need to use good ol’ YouTube? If you’re super-duper creative, why not make it a challenge for yourself to squeeze everything in to the 6 seconds? If that makes you a little nervous, go for Instagram’s 15-second cap.

    Now, for the audience. While Instagram has nearly 110 million more users than Vine, Vine users are more of a niche group, while Instagram users are you, your mom, your dog, and your grandma. The point is: everyone’s got one.  

    Whatever app you choose to use will probably be a good choice. Video clips are a great way to share information in a creative and informative way, especially with these two apps.  People love to see brand personality, so really, you will be a winner if you use either app, if not both apps.

    Vine and Instagram have their pros and cons. Both are great social media tools that enable you to share information in a fun and creative way.

    Still not sure which app you’d rather use? That’s okay. Since they are FREE—yes, free—you can try them both out.  

    photo credit: Profound Whatever via photopin cc 

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