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    Become a LinkedIn Power User in 10 Minutes or Less

    Posted by Angela Suico

    Quick Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile

    According to an infographic on Undercover Recruiter, 49.7% of LinkedIn users form connections whose influence can win them new customers. Meanwhile, 36.7% have found that LinkedIn helps them form relationships with potential buyers. Given these shiny numbers, the site is a place you need to be. One of the best (and simplest) ways to be a LinkedIn champion is to make sure your profile is complete. This is especially true, considering only half of LinkedIn users have a fully complete profile. To make sure you’re part of that distinguished crowd, here are some quick tips to improve your profile.

    1.) Write a Good Summary

    LinkedIn needs to know the following things, in order to deem your profile complete: your professional information, your summary, your skills and expertise, your education info, your current job, and your work history. Most of these are relatively easy to include. After all, most of this is just your normal fill-in-the-blank routine. The summary, on the other hand, is a different story, since you have to write a mini-story about yourself. To craft a good summary, write something that clearly explains who you are, what you do, and what your expertise is—all while using those handy keywords.

    2.) Optimize in Other Places, Too

    There are other good places to plant keywords besides your summary. Social media consultant Stephanie Frasco says that the most important spots for keywords are your name, headline, company name, job title, and skills. Also take the time to update your job experience with detailed, keyword-rich descriptions of what you accomplished in your past positions.

    3.) Show, Don't Just Tell

    LinkedIn isn’t just a site for describing what you’ve done. It also has features for showcasing your work, too. This can be in the form of documents, slideshows, or videos, so no matter what field you’re in, you can highlight your abilities. With concrete examples of your work to make your LinkedIn even more polished, your clients can get a much better sense of your expertise.

    4.) Add Links

    You can also give LinkedIn users a broader view of your work by adding links to your company website, blog, or portfolio. Once you add these items, they’ll appear in the box just beneath your headline and photo. Users can then easily click over to see content that you haven’t already shared on your profile.

    5.) Post Updates

    If you post status updates, news, and blog articles regularly, your name will appear often in other people’s feeds. This will increase your visibility and chances for engagement. Many people only use LinkedIn passively, so if you take the time to actively interact on the site, you’ll put yourself miles ahead of your less LinkedIn-savvy peers. In fact, according to LinkedIn Insights’ Andy Foote, “a popular rule for internet participation holds that 1% create content, 9% edit that content and 90% read it…the 1-9-90 rule still represents an enormous opportunity for anyone who wishes to increase their web visibility, since the barrier to becoming noticed has been set so low.”

    6.) Create a Good Headline

    A creative and varied headline accomplishes quite a few things. First, if you list multiple roles, such as “Social Media Manager | Content Creator | Inbound Marketing Specialist,” you’re more likely to appear in search for those terms. Second, if you use a unique title—say we added “Corporate Storyteller” to the headline above—then you’re more likely to be noticed. Third, if you get even more specific in your titles, like if we changed “Corporate Storyteller” to “Corporate Storyteller With a Passion for Engaging Prospective Customers,” then LinkedIn users will have an even better idea of what value you offer.

    7.) Add Achievements

    LinkedIn also allows users to showcase their various achievements, from projects to volunteer work to education. Why is this section important? It gives you even more real estate to show why you’re an expert. Showcasing what courses you’ve taken or what certifications you’ve earned may be the thing that sets you apart from your competitor. 

    8.) Ask for Recommendations

    Having someone recommend your work is a great addition to your profile. It adds some outsider perspective to what you’ve already listed and boosts your credibility. Your co-workers or supervisor may also highlight a personal quality or skill that you forgot to list yourself. Recommendations add that extra bit of sheen to your LinkedIn. Of course, be sure to give as well as get, and leave a recommendation for the other person, too.

    LinkedIn is sitting there, just waiting for you to take advantage of its resources. A very small amount of effort could result in huge returns. None of these tips are too time-consuming, so carve just a few minutes out of your day each day until your profile reaches 100% completion. The rewards will be well worth the effort.

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