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7 “Boring” B2B Brands With Amazing Facebook Content


B2B Social Media Strategy Brilliance

social media strategyWould you rather look at pictures of delicious cupcakes, or power cords? It’s an unfortunate reality that some brands have a built-in disadvantage when it comes to producing engaging social media content. No matter how artfully you’ve presented a picture of your brand’s car parts, it lacks the mass appeal of food, or fashion. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop an engaged following, or serious social media promoters. It just means you need to work a little harder to achieve the attention you deserve. To inspire your pinning, posting, and Tweets, we’ve curated a list of “boring” brands you can’t help but love:

General Electric



social media strategy

Who wants to like a power company on Facebook? Actually, nearly 1 million consumers. GE has received serious accolades for their social media strategy, but as far as we’re concerned, they deserve every bit of the attention and more. Their content revolves around showcasing the mind-blowing aspects of their brand, without delving too deeply into the technical aspects.

Their posts revolve around a whole bunch of fun, like the image search above, engaging questions, and really-eye catching facts about the brand, like the fact that a recent mobile power plant featured on their Facebook page weighs 2,300 tons.

Agilent Technologies

social media strategy

If you’re wondering what a “measurement company” is, let me warn you that figuring out exactly what Agilent does is really a rabbit hole that goes deeper and deeper. They make really sophisticated tools, like Oscilloscopes and Chromatographs, and they use their social media presence to explain how their tools work in really cool ways:

The chances that I’ll need to purchase an Atomic force microscope at any point during my career as a content marketer are quite low, but thanks to their social media brilliance, I now know the ways their technologies affect my life.


social media strategy

Cisco, the networking system giant who focuses its services on how people “connect, communicate and collaborate” might not sound like the most interesting company in the world to consumers; after all, who’s overwhelmingly interested in wireless solutions for small businesses or graphs that show the various impacts of complex technologies? Cisco, however, has found a way to engage people in their services by posting easy-to-read stats, colorful images and articles that their followers and customer base will find useful. A glance at their Facebook page reveals a savvy for drawing people in with graphics and relatable information, as well as establishing


social media strategy 

This brokerage firm doesn’t have an initially exciting persona; the word “brokerage” incites visions of dry, uninteresting discourse and convoluted reports on things that the average person knows and cares nothing about. But Aon’s social media presence shows a real sensitivity to the benefits of personal branding; they have plenty of pictures of their team, involved in various projects and charitable events, and spending time out and about in the community. They connect to their followers by showcasing the people who are involved with bringing their services to the world, a relatable and personable way of connecting with their potential clients.


social media strategy

Specializing in “hardware and software” doesn’t create visions of exciting social media opportunities; however, Oracle has managed to forge an identity on their social media platforms that gets their customer base involved in their projects and makes their services seem personal and engaging. From posting plenty of pictures of their team to sharing information on the various conventions they’ve attended to any developments in their field, they know how to integrate their company into their customers’ lives.


social media strategy

Electrical engineering doesn’t sound like the richest of social media opportunities for a company, but Siemens makes the most of their company’s products and services by showing pictures and posting articles that showcase the benefits they offer. Siemens allows their Facebook fans to see the influence that their products have on the world, in the healthcare field and in the overall quality of life for people around the world.

Maze Nails

social media strategy

This Illinois-based specialty nail manufacturer has been family-owned and  in business since 1848. Let that fact sink in a bit - as their Facebook page reports, Abe Lincoln had just been elected to congress. Much of their content is focused on playing up the historical aspect of their brand, like in the post above which highlights a historic structure held together by their nails.


What do you think are the best types of content for a B2B social media strategy?

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What the heck does "B2B" mean? - this article author & editor makes the all-to-common mistake of failing to define their cryptic acronyms or slang as they go along; that's poor marketing right off the bat. Also, what the autor calls "boring brands" are all engineering & industry technology related; perhaps they are only subjectively boring to those not in their target audience. Consider that for the most part, it isn't very useful in the long-term to have a bunch of likes and 'followers' who are not going to result in product & service sales. 
Posted @ Saturday, May 25, 2013 1:11 PM by Broox
Broox, B2B is often used to shorten "business to business," as opposed to brands which market directly to consumers. I completely agree that boring is a subjective term. And you make a great point about how likes and followers outside the target buyer persona may not have much value in terms of revenue.  
I appreciate your honest feedback, as I always strive to improve as a content marketer. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
Posted @ Saturday, May 25, 2013 1:14 PM by Jasmine Henry
Broox, B2B is an incredibly common acronym in the business world - anyone marketing to other businesses would know this. Since this article is targeted to these types of companies, defining it would actually be patronizing to the intended readers. 
About your boring brands comment, to be honest, the only reason I read this article is because it was titled this way. Face it, there are more exciting brands than others. You can't tell me that a company that makes nails is as appealing as a tech company like Apple. Jasmine put "boring" in quotations because she understands it's all relative to other companies.
Posted @ Monday, May 27, 2013 8:10 AM by Richard
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Richard! I'm lately quite interested in researching the way these brands with arguably less appeal are creating compelling content. I appreciate your comment.
Posted @ Monday, May 27, 2013 1:20 PM by Jasmine Henry
While it is important to have likes and followers from decision makers/buyers is always the highest goal (increasing the bottom-line is always the most important objective), I don't think this is the only thing important about social media. Of course, my content is always geared towards my target audience of buyers. However, if I have other stakeholders, such as a member of the community, employees and their family, and investors, becoming followers, I will gladly take it. Compelling content should not only bring likes and followers from buyers, but any stakeholder. 
Thank you for giving these examples. I have been struggling to find great examples like these.
Posted @ Wednesday, June 05, 2013 9:12 PM by Colin
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Posted @ Wednesday, October 23, 2013 9:18 AM by Bill Faeth
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