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    40 Things You Should Do to Increase Social Media Engagement

    Posted by Lindsay Tjepkema

    Think of this as your to-do list to optimize your social media strategy


    Updated from original post published on May 13, 2013

    Today's business owners tend to see the value of social media, but don’t always really know how to fully leverage it to drive the most engagement - and therefore leads - for their business. People often ask us "what the heck should I post on my social media channels?Never fear, I will tell you. Here are some suggestions to help you with social block:

    1. Pull back the curtain:

      People want to know the real you; meet the people behind the brand. Keep in mind that social media is about building a community, share photos from events, lunches, meetings and just plain fun around the office.

    2. Fill-in-the-Blank Posts: 

      This is one of my favorite types social media posts because it elicits such creative responses. For example: “What I love most about my job is ___________.” OR "The best afternoon snack of all time is __________."

    3. Share relevant content: 

      Share content you think your readers will want to read. It doesn't have to be from a big-name resource like Forbes or TIME. It can be from a just about anywhere. As long as it is credible and has value to your readers, it's great for sharing. Make sure to comment why you found the content compelling enough to share, and maybe even ask for your followers' take on the piece.

    4. Bloggers: 

      For pretty much every industry, there is at least one blogger (but usually several) that posts timely, interesting content just yearning for you to share it. Pull from their blogs and add your own spin on the piece - just make sure that you link back to the original source.

    5. Questions:

      People love to share their opinions! Just ask them what they think and watch their responses. Remember to be human and relatable, because not every question needs to relate directly back to your brand. This is also a great way to generate ideas for content!

    6. Humor: 

      Everyone likes a good laugh, and it speaks to the personality of the company when they can let loose once in awhile. Share a fun meme, gif or quote and help people relate to your brand's personality.

    7. Photo Albums:

      Take photos at seminars, networking events and company parties and share them on social media. Start a hashtag and ask others to share, as well. Just make sure no one is dancing on tables or doing anything else that you wouldn't want to represent your brand. 

    8. Stats:

      People like stats. I'm sure there's a study out there that proves it. When you post relevant, interesting statistics that will either surprise your audience or confirm their beliefs about a given topic, they will be likely to engage with that post and share it with others. 

    9. Polls:

      Need some feedback on a product or service? Great. Put together a poll on Facebook or go a step further and create a survey in Survey Monkey or Google Forms and share a link to that survey in your post.

    10. Social Media Websites: 

      Mashable is a great resource when it comes to social media content. There are also a lot of other social media websites, such as Social Media Examiner and Entrepreneur's section about Social Media. Look for content you can use, inspirations and ideas, and tips about maximizing your social media efforts.

    11. Pinterest:

      Pinterest is a stellar library of quotes, inspiring images and beautiful imagery to complement your posts. It's easy to grab inspiring images or even infographics and share them on social media. 

    12. Giveaways: 

      A great way to generate excitement and enhance brand awareness is to offer a giveaway. It’s also a great way to thank to your fans and brand advocates and reward them for their engagement.

    13. Competitions: 

      Encourage fans to showcase their talents to compete for a prize. Celebritizing your audience is a golden ticket for spreading your content like wildfire.

    14. Audience curated photos and submissions: 

      Ask your audience to submit a selfie with your product or visual representations of your brand. This creates a relatable online experience with your company as well as building credibility for your brand.

    15. Tips & Tricks: 

      We know you’ve got them up your sleeve. Share the love! Actionable information goes a long way.

      Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet


    16. Ask Me Anything: 

      Get the dialogue going by hosting an AMA on Facebook, Twitter or Google Hangout.

    17. Shout-Outs for Postive Reviews: 

      Yelp reviews, Facebook comments, Twitter mentions are all a great repository for social proof, so reward promoters by posting their quotations on your pages and thanking them for their kind words. 

    18. Inspiring Quotes: 

      Take a good quote and make something visually appealing out of it in Canva. Then share it!

    19. Staff Features: 

      Let people get to know the people behind your company, and feature them! Really let them get to know the unique personalities inside your company and how they contribute to your culture.

    20. What’s In Your Wallet? 

      OK, maybe you don't have to go THAT far, but take a minute to give everyone a peek inside of what you always have on your desk, in your company fridge or in your team's most creative and inspiring space in the office. 

    21. How-To’s and Tutorials: 

      Utilize your internal resources and awesomeness, and put together a tutorial about some aspect of your business. It doesn’t have to be long and boring; even a quick 60-second video will do!

    22. A Round-Up: 

      Put together the ultimate list of can't-miss items over the past week from your industry's best resources.

    23. Interviews: 

      Pick an A-lister inside or outside of your company and conduct a casual interview. Ask questions about topics your audience will find important and valuable and share your subject matter expert's answers.

    24. Trivia: 

      Oh come on, you’ve seen Jeopardy, you know what to do.

    25. Image of the day: 

      Found an inspiring place to travel? An incredible wonder of the world? Cute kitty pic? Get creative!

    26. Videos: 

      Post something from Vine, Youtube or Vimeo. Alternatively, do something original and easy like an office tour or commentary from your CEO. 

    27. Playlist: 

      We all love a good playlist, especially when we’re at work - ask for what’s on other people’s playlist and put together a custom Spotify playlist based upon your fans' suggestions!

    28. Infographics: 

      Infographics are excellent for easy-to-comprehend, data visualizations. Bonus points if you make your own.

    29. Slideshare Presentations: 

      They’re on the rise, people. And what’s glorious about them is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, because there are Slideshare presentations on, like, everything.

    30. Application Suggestions and Reviews. 

      What apps, programs, tools, services and products do you and your team use that you simply couldn't live without? Talk about them on social media. BONUS: You may even score some shout-outs, discounts or free swag from the brands you mention!

    31. The Pop Culture Tie-In:

      How is your product like Kim Kardashian? Or how does it relate to a big current event? You're relevant! Now prove it to your audience. 

    32. Successful Oldies: 

      Have an old post that did well? Repost it. Chances are the article or post will do well again and help boost your engagement and followers. 

    33. Case Studies: 

      Brag a little, show off your best work, prove your value, and entice readers with a visual case study of some of your best work.

    34. Illustrations:  

      Whether it’s a comic strip, visualization of content, a recipe, fashion sketch or instructional pathway, illustrations are great for adding visual punch.

    35. eBooks: 

      eBooks are a great way to capture contact information and generating new leads by offering free, cutting-edge research and information. Social media is a great place to promote them. 

    36. Calendar Subscriptions: 

      If your website has a calendar of upcoming events, post a link to it and encourage viewers to subscribe to receive updates. Keep your audience informed about what's happening with your brand and how they can get involved.

    37. Meme-Jacking: 

      Everyone loves a good meme. Am I right? Humor can be tough for some brands to pull off, but it's much easier to hit the right notes if you overlay famous images with your own branded message.

    38. Evergreen Content: 

      No, I’m not talking about Fir Trees, evergreen content refers to the posts that will always be relevant and helpful to your audience, compared with topics that change over time. Don’t be afraid to repurpose the good stuff.

    39. This or That? 

      Mac or PC? Blogger or Wordpress? iPhone or Driod? People are passionate about products and services they love, so spark a conversation!

    40. Customer Service: 

      Social media is an extension of your customer service and can be a vital tool for responding to questions, complaints, and shaping the direction of the conversations going on about your brand. People are going to talk about your brand whether you’re monitoring it or not, and chances are your competitors are listening and swaying the conversation in their favor if you’re not listening. 

    Happy Posting! What are your favorite types of social media content?


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