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    Can You Solve the Mysterious Case of the Invisible Company?

    Posted by Jen Barry

    The Benefits of Blogging for Business

    The detective set down his glasses and sighed. He’d been through all the usual suspects, but none fit the profile. The unidentified subject would be a local—someone who really knew the area well and could blend well with those around. He would be an expert, with plenty of training and perhaps even an apprenticeship. The talent would be undeniable, as well as the artistry. People couldn’t help but talk about him. Yet, for some reason, the suspect eluded him. 

    Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the unidentified subject pulled his hair in frustration. He’d spent months trying to be found, and quite a lot of money on top of that. What he really needed was a way to reach the world without putting a huge dent in his bank account. Suddenly, it hit him. If he wanted to be found, if he really wanted to reach out to the detective who sought him, he’d have to go where the detective was—the Internet.

    Two weeks later, the inspector was still searching for his man. A quick Internet search was performed, more out of desperation than anything else, and there it was—the lead he’d been waiting for. Finally, a break in the case! He finally had his man. How did he know? Because his suspect started a blog.

    The Expert

    Our detective was seeking someone to build a fence from reclaimed wood, but for some reason, all the builders he found in his search made no mention of using repurposed materials. When he stumbled across the contractor claiming to use green techniques and sustainable materials, he knew he’d hit the jackpot. The builder’s blog was filled with advice on eco-friendly vendors, reusing and recycling materials, and even locating pieces with historic integrity for finishing touches. The business owner was obviously an expert in the field, and the blog made that clearer than any sixty-second television spot or quarter-page newspaper ad could. 

    A Personal Touch

    Another thing our detective liked about the business was how approachable the suspect seemed. This wasn’t a man who had a customer service department or a gatekeeper. His blogs about building showed a love for his craft and his desire to give people beautiful, sustainable homes and businesses. That personal touch drew the inspector in more than any of the big-money builders with slick websites and television shows.


    The final decision came when the detective left a comment on the suspect’s blog, and after less than 24 hours, he received a response. That open channel of communication convinced our detective he’d truly solved the case. He knew if his builder could be open to communication and determined to respond to messages, he would also be likely to communicate while on the job.

    And what does our suspect have to say for himself? The benefits of business blogging seem obvious with the three points above, but there are in fact many more:

    1. Inexpensive Marketing

    When our suspect realized he needed to be where people were looking, the Internet was the right answer. There are thousands of ways to advertise online, but few are as cost effective as business blogging. The suspect realized he would have to give of valuable time, but his marketing budget remained relatively untouched. With select keywords, his blogs lead customers right to his door.

    2. Differentiate and Educate

    When up against all the big dogs, our suspect knew he needed something to set his business apart from the rest. While he could certainly have added website content to explain what he did, there was no way to really get into detail. With a blog, he had all the space he needed to dig deeply into his special talents and skills. Each day could focus on specific projects he’d completed, or he could cover the areas where his company could serve. No matter what, his customers had a place to get all the pertinent info.

    3. Search Engine Gold

    One thing our suspect didn’t consider when he started his blog was the SEO benefit. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of business blogging is a company’s ability to show up several times on search engine results because of keywords. When he realized that each blog page boosted his chances of being indexed in Google, he stepped up the efforts. In fact, he read on Traffic Generation Café that sites with 52 or more blogs indexed experience traffic generation increases of 77%.

    4. Immediate Feedback

    As much as the detective enjoyed communication from the suspect, the true beneficiary was actually the suspect. His blog site gave him the chance to share his expertise, test the waters with his products and service, and then get feedback directly from his potential customers. The quick response he gave sealed the deal, teaching him that communication is certainly key to maintaining rapport.

    If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of blogging for business yourself, it’s time to take a stab at it. If you’re not sure where to start, investigate other businesses with similar blogs and start building a content calendar that fits your unique selling point. Once you get started, the next important point is to stay consistent. You’re more likely to reach new customers on a regular basis as long as you’re blogging frequently and on a schedule. Even if you don’t see results right away, keep going. You may need some advice for changing course so you can make the most of your time and effort, but you will eventually catch the attention of potential customers.

    Case closed.

     A Complete Guie to Business Blogging

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