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    Why Your Agency's Next Great Content Creator is Your Clients

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: The Value of Client Produced Content

    When it comes to SEO and  inbound marketing, there is no more valuable tool than good content. The whole concept of modern SEO is based around the creation and spread of advanced content as a means to generate passive backlinks. As such, it is crucial that your time is spent on producing only the most link-worthy content.

    When it comes to producing content for our own websites, we’re all masters. The level of knowledge that we have in our own niche allows us to talk with authority on every aspect of our business. My SMM, SEO, Inbound Marketing and writing knowledge has manifested into a swirling mass of information, permanently located in my brain and constantly searching for any avenue to get from brain to paper, keyboard or failing that through my mouth and into the ears of anybody nearby. But as an agency, we have the unfortunate downside of not being masters of our client’s niches, or at least not often.

    So we’re left with a few options. Either we do our best, spend some time researching and produce the content ourselves, give up and move on to the next client and hope the client doesn’t notice (bad idea) or we utilize the expertise of said client by reaching out to THEM to supply you with the information or a baseline the content that you need to create.

    Getting the Client On Board

    If you’ve done the hard yards as a client manager and have done good work in the past, it should be easy to convince them to supply you with research data or better still, the actual content, if they have that capacity. If you’ve delivered the results by now they will trust you with anything related to a computer. For a new client, as long as you establish that this is required at the beginning, then you will have no worries. For the client that has been a struggle, it might be difficult to get them to buy into the need for content, so you may have to present it in a creative way.

    Start by explaining their concerns. You want there to be a clean slate before you ask for something. If they’ve been a struggle, whether the results aren’t being delivered or they are just sour, they’re going to want some answers. Tie the explanation in with the request. Explain that the content that has been produced has been too simple to gain traction based on the fact that you, or your staff don’t have the expertise in the field and that you need their input on some content. They’re not going to want to be dragged into an ongoing process of supplying you with articles or information so take the opportunity here to design something big.

    Propose to them a video or an infographic and ask them to supply you with the data required to turn it into something sleek and sophisticated. Show them the best examples of successful content of this nature and tell them that they too could be experiencing the benefits. A piece of advanced content that costs a couple of thousand dollars and acquires thousands of shares and/or hundreds of backlinks is a massive return on investment when compared to a blog post written in-house that sets back the client less money.

    The Fun Really Begins

    Once you get your foot into the door and your client is on board with supplying you with content and data, you have turned the corner from a process based package to something more akin to real marketing and this is much more fun, especially if you find success early on in the process.

    When the client gets a taste of the success that can come with interesting inbound marketing content, they will want more.  The outreach process goes from being a series of stabs in the dark to a simple process of pointing webmasters at the awesome new content on your client’s website and telling them about that really cool embed code beneath it.

    So, Get Cracking!

    If you haven’t got a client producing their own content or at least supplying you with data or clear directions, you need to remedy it immediately. It saves you time, it is more effective content and the results come. You'll end up with a happier client, and better results


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    Author Bio: Joe McCord+ is an inbound marketing consultant (among other things) at Matter Solutions in Brisbane, Australia. He is a client focused content producer. He also loves fishing.  


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