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    How to Get So Many Twitter Followers That the Universe Implodes

    Posted by Michelle Kraker

    Triple Your Twitter Following

    Twitter followers are like arrows in the quiver of your marketing arsenal. What I’m trying to say is that you can’t storm the castles of your competitors without them. Furthermore, you need to make sure that your followers aren’t just a bunch of crooked arrows. There was a lot of metaphor that just happened there, but the essential thing to know is: you need followers. Good ones. Not the fake, creepy kind.

    Fake followers, you may ask? That usually defines inactive or “spam” accounts. Also zombies? You would be surprised how many businesses and even famous people utilize these sneaky tricks. You don’t want brainless, zombie followers who never retweet and bring your company interaction down to zilch. No, indeed. To prevent such horrible thing from happening on your Twitter page, check these handy tips:

    Tweet During “Happy Hour”

    “If you want to make friends, you have to be friendly.” My mother used to tell me this approximately ten thousand and fifty-two times a day since the day she brought me home from the hospital. But on Twitter, it takes more than just friendliness. You have to be at the bar during Happy Hour, if you know what I mean.

    Boost your interactions and increase the likelihood that people will answer questions or retweet you by making sure utilize key Tweet times. Here is a helpful chart to help you with this very task.

    Make Your Content Useful

    You could be producing little slices of genius in 140 characters or less, but make sure that other people agree. Quotes, useful tidbits, relatable Tweets, unique commentary, and links to interesting articles are the kinds of Tweets users are eager to share. You wouldn’t use your personal account to boost a particularly pandering Tweet, i.e., “Click here for...!” or “Free money!” Your business should be composing the kind of content that people want to tell their distant cousins about.

    Click here for a great article by Ann Tran about authenticity in Tweets, and how she grew her follower base by sharing worthy content. Long live the Queen!

    Tag Your Posts Like You’re in a Dang Gang

    Hashtags are like wee little trending news items, with real-time feed. You should be abusing these heavily, especially during key Tweet hours. Use one or even two hashtags per Tweet, which will ensure that people who don’t follow you see what you are contributing to a trending/popular topic. The more conversations that you butt into, the greater chance you have of gaining a new audience.

    Follow Tastefully

    If you try to follow a horde of people in order to gain a few follow backs, oh boy does Twitter have a surprise for you. Your account will be shut down faster than a rollercoaster made of matchsticks. You will either be let off with a warning for first timers, or have your account permanently suspended and probably be fed to a bunch of hungry lions while all the internet watches.

    Instead, use your power for good rather than evil. Follow selectively, and interact heavily with the people that you do. Here is a link with some especially nice tips on how to show “love” to people you follow. So just keep that in mind: love or lions?

    Don’t Be a Re-Tweeting Fool

    Using the same pinky-up tact when you follow people, make sure that you re-Tweet often, but are wise about it. Quotes with no source, spammy links, and misspelled horrors will get you nowhere in life.

    At the same time, retweets are a fantastic way to gain followers. By doing so, you’re showing up on someone’s very exclusive “feed.” They have to see and notice you, whether they like it or not. Also, it makes people feel special. That still doesn’t mean you can re-Tweet a bunch of nonsense to get attention; use this gift wisely.

    Utilize Good Ol’ Follow Friday

    #FollowFriday is like a big high five that goes all around the world every Friday on Twitter. It’s a fantastic way to find people to follow, but also to make the accounts you mention feel like they’ve just swept all the Oscar categories they were nominated in. You can mention a few profiles in one Tweet, or highlight a specific account. Be sure to say something nice, or give a reason why your followers should care.

    So the universe is imploding now…

    Truthfully, it takes work to have an active, well-liked Twitter. You have to keep the conversation going, and be the regular belle of the ball. A Twitter Scarlett O’Hara, if you will, dressed in upcycled green curtains? But if you follow these tips, you should be dancing with millions of beaus before the night is over.  

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