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    Change Your Lazy Contacts into Champions: How to Reengage Your Leads

    Posted by Jessica Iansmith

    Going from "Meh" to Brand Hero

    At some point in time, you created a piece of great top-of-the-funnel (TOFu) content that brought in a qualified lead. Major props to you for bringing them in the door, because that is the hardest part! However, the passion for your brand they displayed at the time of conversion has just, fizzled. Between your first campaign and now, something happened. You've got a million questions running through your head. 

    Why isn’t the lead opening your emails anymore? Have they found another product or service to fill their needs? Are there too many suitors in their inbox? Can you get them back? And mostly importantly, why should you spend the time to get your leads back?

    Leads Don't Come Cheap

    We marketers spend a lot of our budgets to generate the leads in the first place. We carefully craft lead-nurturing emails to cultivate our leads to a point where they're sizzling hot and sales-ready. Of course, we want to be able to show the boss that our marketing spend is bringing real revenue into the pipeline. It is a sad and unfortunately common day in the life of a marketer when a lead no longer opens our email, and reads the fruits of our labor.

    So now, lets figure out how to reengage your leads.

    Defining an Inactive Lead

    The length of time that defines inactivity is completely dependant on the type of business you are in and the length of your sales funnel. However, as a general rule of thumb, a lead that is inactive for 3-6 months may require some special attention to become reengaged. Once you determine what length of time defines inactivity for your business, segment out these leads to launch your reengagement campaign. What should you send them? Well, let’s start off with something really exciting, fresh, and alluring. Easier said than done, huh?

    Ideas for a Reengagement Plan

    • Try sending your lazy lead an exclusive offer. Everyone wants to feel special, right? Invite your lead to a special event, or give them first dibs on a limited-entry webinar. You could also consider providing early-access to a not-yet-released download of your next awesome middle-of-the-funnel content.  Your leads will be wiping the sleep from their eyes when they see something new, just for them, in their inbox.  

    • Everyone likes something for free! Now is the time to decide what kind of valuable incentive you have to offer. Does your company operate on a subscription basis? Provide extended access to an online tool that's usually behind a paywall. Get your leads hooked and coming back for more. Do you usually charge for your genius whitepapers or data? Send them a copy for free. It's true that these methods may seem to go against your business' ultimate mission of earning money. However, giving away a product or service for free can show the lead your value proposition, and give them a better understanding of what else you can offer.  

    • If you are saying the same thing in every email, it’s time to change it up! Maybe the lead that you feel you lost doesn’t like eBooks. Perhaps they would rather watch a video or read an interview with a thought leader! Sometimes changing the format of the content you are sending out can make a huge difference. Another option is to recycle your old content. Not everything you send out has to be original; turn that old eBook into an infographic if the topic is evergreen. Alternatively, try turning a blog post into a quick 5-minute video that touches on relevant points.


    Now that you have launched your reengagement campaign, it is time to start the measurement process all over again. Pay close attention to which of your disengaged leads responded to each tactic. Learn from your past mistakes, and take action on editing your workflows to better keep leads interested. Launch more videos, freebies, and exclusive offers if that is what worked for your leads. Be innovative and keep the attention of your audience. At your next SMarketing meeting, make sure to point out the ROI of that reengagement campaign. Take some credit for that awesome work you have done!

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