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    The 3 Digital Marketing Trends That Your Company Can't Ignore

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Top Trends for 2013

    These days it’s pretty much impossible to run a business without using the internet, but many firms are still not utilising the most powerful marketing tool they have to its best advantage. Whether you’re a baker’s in Bradford, a pharmaceuticals company in Manchester or a PR agency in Leeds, make sure you make the most of the net and get to grips with these top digital marketing trends:

    Creative Content

    The days of article spinning and buying chunks of cheap content from overseas are well and truly over. Thanks to new Panda updates, creative content is now the most important element of the majority of websites, taking over from links in or out. So when search engines flag up content as their main focus when placing sites in listings, what exactly do they mean?
    The content on your site needs to be of value to your customers, so solving problems, expanding knowledge or giving advice is in and hundreds of pages of the same rewritten content on your site are out.

    Content is no longer just blogs and articles. The most successful sites use a range of different means to get their message across simply and succinctly, like infographics, and video. In addition, content should be carefully tailored to your target market, whilst remaining focused on your business objectives.

    Social Science

    If your social media provision extends to a half-baked Facebook page or the occasional tweet, you need to get with the program! More and more companies are incorporating complex digital marketing techniques to get more out of their social media provision. Not only are businesses creating comprehensive social media policies, but also utilising the latest software to monitor their social media output and input to inform their company’s progression.

    Collating social media data can help firms gain a greater insight into their target customers and use the information they glean to better tailor the services they provide. Professional data monitoring software can help businesses to better understand the behaviour of internet users and give meaning to it so they can deliver more compelling messages to the people they’re targeting.

    Responsive Design

    Whereas a few years ago the majority of internet users accessed the web from a PC or laptop, today’s mobile devices have led to a sea change in the way people use the net. Recent research from Ofcom found that in the last year, tablet ownership in the UK has increased from 2% to 11%, whilst 39% of those surveyed now access the internet via a mobile phone. As technology improves these numbers will only continue to increase.
    This means that businesses need to adapt their websites to suit newer mediums to ensure that potential clients can access their site easily from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile and enjoy a proficient user experience. Customers today expect site’s to be accessible from any internet enabled device and if yours isn’t, you could end up getting left behind.

    Big Data

    Although many firms have been monitoring data for a long time, it’s only recently that ‘Big Data’ has come into play. In basic terms, collating big data allows companies to bring information together from various different sources like social media sites, sales, mobile phone signals, video sharing and so on, then use the information they glean to target different audiences and different areas of the net more specifically.

    So if you’re not up to date with the latest digital marketing trends then get on the bandwagon, improve your content provision, increase your social media presence and make sure that your site is accessible from all types of internet enabled device.

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    John Hinds writes for Lojix. His interests include writing, reading, playing tennis, traveling and keeping up with technology.


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