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    Using Tumblr: The Magical Trapper Keeper of the Internet

    Posted by Sunday Avery

    The Notebook Network

    Have you ever been on Tumblr? If yes, you’ve already been dazzled by the wide array of Sherlock fan art, inspiring photography, and global fashion. And you may be so dazzled that you are currently sitting paralyzed in your chair, unable to comprehend how your brand could use Tumblr for marketing. Much like Pinterest, Tumblr is an underused resource because it’s more “fun” and less “products and services.”

    However, with over 33 million users and a company valuation that leapt from $7 mil to $800 mil since 2007; perhaps it’s time you took a serious, intense look at Tumblr and its services. No matter what your business sells, there is a way to promote your brand while also making unique connections, answering questions, and being totally radical. But how, you beg?

    First, have a gander as successful companies using Tumblr.

    A perfect example is the New York Public Library’s Tumblr page, which is a joy to see on any blog feed. It may not be a for-profit company, but they receive enough buzz from Tumblr users to be considered a blogging success. They curate their page with unique images, stories, quotes, and relevant reblogs. They don’t just have pictures proving their bathroom cleanliness, or formal pictures of staff safety meetings.

    Or, check out this very fancy page for Universal Music. Notice that they are reblogging/posting a lot of funny, yet still related content.  

    Don’t just post what your company does; post about the industry your company is in. How do you fit into people’s lives? What made you get into your business in the first place? Tumblr is one of the only places on the internet where true enthusiasm for niche subjects is totally appreciated.

    Use tags to find things to reblog, or to promote your own posts.

    Tags are how users will find your blog and posts; use them, love them. Browse through different tags to see which categories are the most active. Words like “fashion” and “food” will be huge categories, while more specific terms like “chocolate pizza” will not be. Use common sense, and be sure to save searched tags by “tracking” them. That way, you can easily go back and browse through new content.

    Don’t be shy.

    Tumblr users interact by reblogging and liking each other’s content. In order to be apart of this community, you should do the same, and often. “Like” posts using tags, and if you do reblog a picture or some text, consider adding a nice/funny comment to it so the original poster will see it. The more active, the better.


    Image and post sourcing can be a HUGE problem on Tumblr, since a lot of artists put their heart and soul into work, then share it for free in good faith online. Respect these awesome bloggers by making sure you reblog a post directly from Tumblr. NEVER save the image or copy-paste the text to make a new post. If you do, there is a very special boo box just for you.

    The queue is your best friend now. Congratulations to both of you.

    Using Tumblr takes time; it’s practically designed to make hours feel like minutes and years feel like days, all Rip Van Winkle-esque. To save yourself and your company some time, don’t forget to use the queue for reblogging and posting well into the future. You can have posts going at any time you’d like, as many times a day as needed. This doesn’t replace interaction and “liking,” but it will help you avoid an entire head of suddenly gray hair.

    And if Tumblr is still giving you a lot of heartache, here is a helpful guide to getting started. You’re so very welcome.

    Just have a dang dern good time.

    Tumblr is an honestly magical place. It’s a huge scrapbook of groovy things that people love, as well as an active, young community.  If you’re posting quality original content that amuses or entertains, it won’t be long before it “blows up” on Tumblr and lands plenty of reblogs. Similar to running a Pinterest account, your focus should not be strictly on business here. What do people at your office/business joke about? What inspires you to go to work?

    Yes, there are plenty of technicial guides to get you started with Tumblr. But the best way is just to make an account, search through some tags, and start posting like a maniac.

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