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So, You Think You Know Everything About LinkedIn?


Surprise. You Don’t.        

linkedin tipsAre you using LinkedIn for your business? Or perhaps for personal networking? Maybe you think you’re a LinkedIn champ with a trophy shelf of wicked connections, but my friend, there is always room for a little improvement. Here are 10 wicked facts about everyone’s favorite site for posting pics of themselves in a studly suit. 

1. The average LinkedIn user’s 2nd-degree network connects them to over 6,000 companies and 9,000 people. That’s a huge network for both companies and individuals to pool! They can easily access the sort of brands and connections they need to get a new job, find employees, or start a group discussion about topics they needed.

2. 37.2% of users said that LinkedIn helped to increase their branding/marketing presence. That’s good news for people managing company pages and posting regularly on boards! Any traffic you can drive to your website/blog can make a difference. If you have an account associated with your current company, be sure to utilize the boards and insert links. Share relevant information in groups that already are looking for the content you provide. (Hint hint, marketers.)

3. There are over 61 million users from the U.S. alone on LinkedIn, and 39.8% of them in the 35-54 range.  Imagine if that were a gigantic gang. It would be extremely scary. Or perhaps a bunch of zombies? LinkedIn zombies in business suits. I shudder to think.

4. The top CEO name for men on LinkedIn is Pete, while the top for women is Deborah. I bet you five pretend-dollars that you didn’t know that little tidbit a second ago! Now all that’s left is for you to name your children Pete and Deborah, and wait for the sweet money to roll in when they become powerful CEOs!

5. LinkedIn gains 58 users per minute. If this were a party, it would be a real rager with over 1 million users arriving every twelve days. Imagine the potato chip bill! To say nothing of the carpet cleaning bill. And the potential need to buy a million red plastic cups.

6. 41% of small business owners says that LinkedIn has the most potential to help their firms, versus other social networks. Since LinkedIn is really made for businesses, this makes a lot of sense. It’s professional, straight-forward, and tailored to suit businesses of different sizes.

7. 2 million companies have posted LinkedIn company pages. All of the cool kids are doing it, from Bill Gates to Bruce Springsteen. If you haven’t built a delegated company page, consider doing so! Your employees probably have their own LinkedIn pages, and you should claim them!

8. LinkedIn is a trusted by 82% of those polled, as opposed to other social media sites. Unlike Facebook which comes up with new privacy policies every 10 minutes, or Twitter which is just a mishmash of free information, LinkedIn provides the professionalism that other social media sites lack.

9. Some of the top passwords hacked in LinkedIn include “12345,” “job,” and  “career.” People, people. We’ve moved past the caveman days where we thought “password” made a good password. Put a little effort into this, or you could quickly become the CEO of facepalming.

10. 61% of professionals interviewed say they use LinkedIn as their preferred method of social media networkingAgain, this make a lot of sense. Most people on LinkedIn aren’t logging in to post pictures of Grumpy Cat, or complain about baristas getting their name wrong on latte cups. This is a great space for businesses and professionals because it is designed to cater to what they want to discuss.

You are now free to use all of these little tidbits to impress hunky men/lovely ladies at the bar next time. Just tell them that Inbound Marketing Agents hired you to share the good news about LinkedIn.

image credit: sritangphoto/freedigitalphotos.net



Quite informative post. I didn't knew that second degree connections can link me to so many people and companies. Personally I feel more comfortable using Linkedin for business as compared to facebook or twitter. Main advantage of Linkedin is that you can find professionals from all industries there. Please write a post explaining how small business owners can use Linkedin to find clients through Linkedin because until now I've trouble in generating sales leads from Linkedin.
Posted @ Monday, March 11, 2013 4:12 PM by Hamza
Lots of great tidbits of information here. LinkedIn is perhaps the most important social network for business. Unlike the other popular sites there is much less distraction since business is the focus.
Posted @ Wednesday, March 13, 2013 8:33 AM by Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing
Awesome post and really interesting stats. My connections give me access to 9.5 million people. When I sit with my clients and show them what LinkedIn can do for them or their business, their jaws hit the floor. It also a great way to feed your community and reach out to those who need some help. You just gotta be there. Thanks for writing this! -Jeff
Posted @ Saturday, April 06, 2013 4:07 PM by Jeff Rock
Could Eileen Slamon contact me about training courses that Linkedin deliver to enable businesses use Linkedin for marketing their products.
Posted @ Monday, April 08, 2013 4:09 AM by Christine McGowan
Great information. ! Thank you.
Posted @ Monday, July 15, 2013 10:31 AM by Jose Sepulveda
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