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    5 Phenomenal, Free SEO Tools and Resources

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    SEO Like A PRO

    Did I just say “free”? Why yes I did. Who doesn’t like things that are free, right? And being that we are talking about free SEO tools, these could be classified as triple threats. Amazing! In this article, we have put together a list of the top 5 free SEO tools that will help you move your site move up the page ranks. Simply email me your credit card number and I’ll Fed-Ex you the top free SEO tools within 7-10 business days. I’m joking, of course. Just keep reading!  

    1. SEOToolSet 

    SEOToolSet is a free site with multiple SEO tools. You can also purchase a monthly subscription to provide yourself with more data-filled reports. SEOToolSet provides you with a site checker, page analyzer, ranked page report, link analysis, domain ranking report, and more. 


    • The Site Checker Tool allows you to see if there are any issues when spiders crawl your site. If search engine spiders are reporting any applicable error codes when visiting your site, then this can easily push your page rank further out. 

    • With the Link Analysis Report you’ll be able to see a quick report on who is linking to you as well as your competitors.  

    Visit SEOToolSet to see the multiple free SEO tools they offer. 

    2. ÜberSuggest

    You can use this very simple but extremely useful site to get great keyword ideas.  ÜberSuggest uses a combination of Google suggestions and other keyword suggestions sites to help you find thousands of keywords. The site is completely free, but you can also make a donation to the creator, if you wish. 


    Overall you will find this site incredibly helpful for pinpointing the long tail keywords people are actually searching for.

    Visit Ubersuggest and start entering keywords to see new suggestions.

    3. SEOquake

    SEOquake is a downloadable toolbar that you can quickly install on a number of browsers. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. SEOquake allows you to see Google and Bing page rank, Alexa rank, indexed pages, as well as much more. It was also allow you to sort pages by a number of parameters. 

    SEOquake will run a page-by-page diagnosis giving you tips on how to improve your on page SEO. For example, if your site has not set itself to a specific language, SEOquake will show this in a report. 


    While you can easily turn off the active toolbar in the SEOquake settings, I would suggest installing it on a separate browser. For example, I use Google Chrome as my main personal browser but Firefox for work, thus I downloaded this only to my Firefox browser. 

    4. SEO Site Tools  (for Google Chrome)

    SEO Site Tools is only a Google Chrome extension at the moment, but it has been featured on the main blog of SEOmoz and could be designed for other browsers very soon. The extension allows you to quickly check page rank stats, meta description, domain authority, and more. It allows you to be as detailed and advanced as you would like to be.  

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    With this extension you can also get on-page SEO tips for yourself as well as see what your competitors aren’t doing right. SEO Site Tools pulls metrics from multiple sources, so you’ll get a panoramic picture of your on-page SEO.   

    5. CuteRank.net 

    CuteRank.net is a downloadable free program that allows you to check keyword positions, view keyword ranking history, and track keyword performance. It offers both a free downloadable version and a paid pro version. 


    It also uses multiple search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL) to provide data for you.

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