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    Social Media Storytelling, Responsive Design, and Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    It’s a bit overwhelming to think about how far the digital marketing realm has come over the past two months. Designing landing pages to contain content “above the fold” is out, and it’s been replaced with the more inclusive and nimble concept of responsive web design. And now, brands who’ve grasped the hang of Twitter marketing are looking to create more compelling streams of social content. If this week’s post had a theme, it would be “Harder, better, faster, stronger.” We’ve curated some resources to take your marketing game up a notch this coming week:

    What is Social Media Storytelling?

    Virtually every connected brand engages in social media promotion, but it’s only the sharpest that have mastered the art of telling stories. In fact, few even really know the difference. Every Tweet, Facebook post, and comment response communicates who you are and how you work to an audience. You need to ensure that your presence is engaging and charismatic. We’ve only recently discovered the Post Advertising blog, but digital director Jon Thomas compiled a checklist of brilliant questions that every social media manager and content creator should ask before he or she publishes. It’s definitely worth checking out. Full list here.

    Proactive Social Media Customer Service Is Now Expected

    Who had even heard of a Tweet a few years ago? Now it’s practically a given that fans will connect with brands in 140 characters or less. Jeannie of 360 Connext highlighted some fascinating and fresh stats about the state of social media, and the outlook certainly isn’t great for brands who are ignoring customer conversations and queries. Did you know that only 3% of conversations about major brands involve an official mention of their Twitter handle? It’s up to social media managers to catch and respond to the other 97%. More fascinating stats here.

    Why Your Video Isn’t Going Viral

    Remember that Dollar Shave Video? Of course you do, because it was an amazing marketing effort and it earned loads and loads of views, plus some healthy startup funding. Every company aspires to produce a video that goes viral, but few succeed. Brian Morris of PSPrint Design & Printing did some great research on the factors that can make truly beloved videos gain steam in the first place, from an element of humor to continual promotion. His thoughts here.

    The Pros and Cons of Reponsive Web Design

    There’s content on web design for professional nerds and developers, and there are those rare pieces that just lay it out perfectly for the rest of us. Lauren Jachinsky of KeyStone Click definitely delivered one of the latter this week, in her piece on what we need to know about responsive web design. Unless you’re completely disconnected from the tech side of marketing, you’ve undoubtedly heard about this new buzz term. It describes websites that seamlessly adjust to mobile device screens of all shapes and sizes to provide an optimal user experience for any website visitor. Learn why it’s likely to soar, and the areas where it still needs improvement. Dive in here.

    5 Things to Be Aware of Before You Start a Social Media Campaign

    Most of us are aware of the basic principles of social media campaign best practices. Ensure your hashtag isn’t already claimed by another brand, and that it doesn’t leave much room for ridicule or being misconstrued. It’s hard to ignore the content marketing giant Ann Smarty, and her latest contribution to Business2Community is no exception. Learn the social media tactics that could get your brand in deep hot water with the law, and the little mistakes that could turn your fans into enemies. Her advice is brilliant and perfectly attuned to the times. Full story here.

    Did you publish or discover any truly exceptional content marketing this week? Share a link in the comments, and we may highlight your story in next week’s post!

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