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    My Not-So-Secret Nashville Marketing Crush: The Lonely Biscuits

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Rockstar Social Media Strategy

    You guys, I think I’m in marketing love. A few weeks ago, a few of our content marketers went to see some live music. The second band that played  was this really chilled-out group of college sophomores, The Lonely Biscuits (TLB), from local Belmont University. They opened their mouths and it was pure musical magic. Jasmine (that’s me) fell deeply in musical love, Jen bought their EP, and we both went home to scope them out on social media. Enough about TLB, though. Let’s talk about marketing.

    nashville marketing

    Rock stars have long tended to be at the forefront of marketing and branding practices, which was detailed in Steve Jones’s pretty good book Brand Like a Rock Star (which I heartily recommend, except for the part where the author says Nirvana was a pop group).  You can’t even be in the same conference space as David Meerman Scott or HubSpot’s Brian Halligan without hearing about how inbound marketing the Grateful Dead were. This formerly obscure Nashville group, The Civil Wars, gave their first EP away for free, and look at them now. They’re red hot. The Lonely Biscuits are just as awesome as their better-known counterparts, and I’m about to run through why their social media strategy is just as mind-blowingly great as their “phunky phresh” blend of rap, pop, and funk. Their 7,000+ Facebook “Likes” don’t lie. 

    1. It’s Meme-Tastic

    There’s hardly anything better than memes as a tool for Facebook marketing. We’ve all heard the statistics about how images are 2x more effective at driving engagement on Facebook. People love humor, and memes are perfectly packaged for sharing. The Lonely Biscuits don’t just publish a meme every so often. Their Facebook page is basically exploding with memes that are fan-generated, which the band then republishes. The most clever creators are rewarded with a swag bag. If your fans are generating viral-worthy brand content, take a note from TLB and send them a T-shirt or something:

    This effort below is just one example of  the memes that were created by their fans in support of their recent nomination for an MTV music award to play at SWSX (which they ultimately won):



    2. It’s Contest-Driven

    To drum up fan support for their recent contest, The Lonely Biscuits incentivized their fans to reach 300 shares on the following photo in exchange for the release of a never before-seen music video.

    nashville marketing

    Of course their network crushed it, generating the required shares within hours. They were promptly rewarded with a YouTube link and sincere appreciation from the band. Tons of big brands can learn from this pure genius move for gaining exposure.

    3. It’s Freak Flag-Tastic

    Someone recently asked me what I thought the biggest mistake brands make. I’m solely operating off opinion here, but I think there’s an epidemic that’s even worse than not using a content calendar. It’s failing to differentiate from competition, and Kathy Caprino of Forbes agrees with me. Most of us are being compared against competitors from every corner of the globe and facing questions such as “Why should people care about what you have to offer?” There’s a good chance that your buyer personas are at least a good decade older than The Lonely Biscuits, but you’ve got to differentiate and communicate just how much you can improve their lives. TLB does a really rock star job of addressing some pretty common college pain points in their promotional video below:


    I doubt these guys have much formal marketing training, but they nail it each and every time. Regardless of how you feel about their music, their marketing has a viral-ready appeal and sensitivity that’s a chart topper. Take a note from Nashville’s best college band, and let your freak flag fly.

    What are some bands or brands with a social media presence you love?

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