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    LinkedIn Infographics, Hacks, Evaluating #SMM and Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    Almost 100% of online consumers and brands are using social media, but few are using it correctly. Following the wild success of last week’s home runs post, which focused exclusively on content marketing, we’ve decided to put the spotlight on something we know is near and dear to our readers’ hearts: social media marketing. If you decide to read no further and crawl back into bed this Sunday afternoon, so be it. The message comes across loud in clear in everything we’re highlighting: Social networking is really new, and we’re all still trying to figure it out.

    Social Branding: How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Blueprint

    Sometimes the best content and infographics aren’t about the why, they’re about the how. Gerry Moran of the Marketing Think blog did excellent work this week when he highlighted the fact that only 50% of LinkedIn users have completed profiles, and what you can do about yours. His infographic perfectly worthy of shares, and I don’t know that I’d add a thing to his list of profile best practices! Infographic source here.

    Burger King Twitter Hacked; They’re Loving it: Positive Results by the Numbers

    Unless you took a week-long vacation from Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the Internet, you surely caught wind that Burger King’s Twitter was recently hacked. For nearly an hour, an unknown individual sent out humorous and obscene messages, after redesigning the page into an exact mirror of McDonald’s Twitter. Shocking and embarrassing for the brand? Absolutely. However, unless its social media manager handed a troll friend the password to the account, it definitely wasn’t Burger King’s fault and it might not have even been a bad thing. Elliot Volkman of Social Media Today ran the numbers, and estimates that the 60,000 followers and widespread mentions the company gained due to the disaster would have required a $1,000,000 investment if BK had arranged the hack itself. Full analysis here.

    Why We Need to Reevaluate Social Media

    Most major brands have caught on to the fact that social media isn’t optional, and if they drag their heels on creating a Facebook page, they’re simply not going to participate in conversations about their brand. However, it’s still a pretty new phenomenon, which means many of us are struggling with the expectations of how it should be used for business. Subject matter expert Brian Nagy says many brands are using it with unrealistic expectations, or even worse—in a bubble that’s disconnected from the larger marketing plan. Are you guilty of any of these worst practices? List here.

    4 Ways to Succeed With Your Pinterest Brand Page

    Who had even heard of Pinterest 19 months ago? Hardly anyone. The latest numbers indicate that it’s being avidly used by 15% of U.S. online consumers, and unlike other top social media networks, it’s a pretty engaging place to spend a few hours. In an awesome guest post on Jeff Bullas’ blog, Mitt Ray outlines some of the best ways to ensure your company’s brand presence gets off to a good start, including keyword-optimizing your page bio. Start pinning here.

    So, You Want To Be a Social Media Manager?

    We’ve said it before, and we’re happy to say it again: Being a successful social media manager is serious business. It’s way more than posting happy little Tweets once an hour, every hour. You’re on your toes, and may be one of the most nimble members of any given marketing team or company. Brad Friedman of Social Media Today did some pretty interesting analysis on the skills required to exceed expectations daily, which range from a knowledge of tools to the ability to think and type at the same time. Pro tip: Check out the awesome dialogue taking place in the comments, which may be the best part of the post. Full scoop here.

    Did you publish or discover any truly outstanding social media strategy content this week? Share in the comments, and we may turn the spotlight on you in next week’s post!

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